OBX the East Coast Vacation Gem!

Published: October 7, 2014

Vacationing on North Carolina;s Outer Banks  is one of the most relaxing vacations you can ask for and one of the most fun filled! The vacation here can all depend on what you are looking for as the Outerbanks has everything from sport fishing to just curling up in a hammock in the salt air.

  1. Corolla Wild Horses

    Wild horses on a beach....Just take a moment to think about it. Their grace and beauty is just one to be seen in their natural habitat!

    The Banker Horses originate from the Spainish Mustangs back from the 1500's. They were thought to have originated from Spanish explorers who were though to have been forced to abandon their live stock when facing off with native Americans. They are also believed to have originated from some early Spanish explorer shipwrecks.

    Their grace and beauty is one to be added to your bucket list! They readily roam the northern beaches of the Outer Banks that extend to the Virgina Border. The beach is only accessible by 4x4, but there are numerous tours that are available.

    If you do visit, please make sure you keep 50 feet between you and these beauties. While they are quite used to human's and the traffic that comes with them, they are wild. There are hefty fines for getting too close, contact or feeding these horse. This is not just for your safety, but for their's as well and their lives depend on you watching from a distance.

  2. Carova Beach

    Carova is just north of Corolla. It is the best place to get away from it all. The area is ONLY accessible by 4x4, so leave the mini van home! The area is secluded, yet close enough to not be too disconnected. There are no paved roads and you can take advantage of lounging by the beach or fishing in the sound. Make sure you catch the sunrise on the ocean side and the sunset over Penny's hill or the sound.

    Carova beach's best kept secret is the Spanish mustangs. The roam freely "wild" here. They are very comfortable with humans. However, please keep your distance as they are considered wild animals.

  3. Lighthouses!

    The Outer Bank is home of a handful of these beauties. One of the most photographed landmarks on the beach are the lighthouses!

    From the Currituck to Cape Hattera's light house to Bodie Island they are just absolutely filled with stature and history!

  4. Biking, running, walking...

    The Outer Banks is 200 miles of beauty.

    One of the best areas to bike along their numerous trails and roadways! Start from Corolla and pedal down to the Roanoke for a truly magnificiant and lengthy trip.

    OBX is home of many road races and marathons that are enjoyed by many a runner! During the summer take part in weekly races if you are there!.

    Make sure you take a nice walk or ride through the historic village of Corolla. Ensure you enjoy the beauty of the Whalehead park.

  5. Water Sports!!!


    Do you love to jet ski? Rent them at the numerous areas along the sound. Take an exhilarating ride through the sound and enjoy that salt air. Make sure to take on at the sunset to enjoy the beauty of the sun setting over the sound.

    Want to try surfing? The east coast is not well known for their surfing, but the Outer Banks is known for its surfing on the east coast! The waves and surf are as fickle as mother nature. However, it is home of a few of the worlds surf contests and home to many a famous surfer. You won't be hanging ten in 30 feet surf, but you will enjoy some of the best east coast surfing you can ask for if the ocean cooperates :) Better yet take a chance rent a board and take a lesson!

    Stand Up Paddle board more your style? Take a chance rent a board, a lesson, or learn on your own! SUP along the quiet side that the sound can offer. If you are looking for some advanced SUP use the ocean side. If you are lucky you will get to see the OBX dolphins.

    Do not want to forget the quiet relaxing nature of a kayak! The OBX is the best place to take a paddle whether you want to explore the quiet sound side or the ocean. The OBX nature has just pure beauty and grace. Don't miss out on a nice relaxing paddle.

  6. Fishing!!!

    Do you love to fish? Bring your fishing poles! Cast along the beaches for some great surf fishing. Better yet head over to the sound for some relaxing sound fishing! One of the best fishing activities, grab a charter and head out to the open ocean for some real fishing experience. OBX is home to the best fishing along the east coast!

  7. History, History, History

    The Outer Banks is chock full with history from horses to pirates they will keep the history lesson interesting!

    ARRGHH...Blackbeard made the OBX his stomping ground! Make sure you grab your Ghostyard of the Atlantic that maps out many of the numerous ship wrecks that can be found on and around the Outer Banks. Take a scuba to explore these more, or a stroll along the beach to catch some of this history!

    Wrights Brothers? The home of the infamous First Flight can be found here in Kitty Hawk. Explore the Wrights Brother's National Memorial for their exciting piece of history.



  8. Jockey's Ridge

    Jockey's Ridge located in Nags Head is the east coast's large active sand dune. Jockey's Ridge is over 400 acres of sand sand sand. Great place to hike and take in the views. However, it is one of the best places to take sunset photos and an even better place to fly a kite!

    Kitty Hawk kites is located just adjacent to the park where you can grab a kite or a lesson in hang gliding.

    One of the coolest things about the dune, it moves 1-6 feet a year. It has swallowed an abandoned mini golf course and if the dunes form the right way you might catch a glimpse of the surving sand castle.



    OBX is home to some great cooking! Make sure you grab a fresh bite to eat at one of the famous eateries that are scattered throughout the OBX.

    If you are a seafood lover, make sure you indulge in some fresh catch that the OBX has to offer, from crab to tuna your taste buds will throughly enjoy their time on the OBX!

  10. Real-Estate

    While this is probably not on many top tens it is one of the most impressive items the OBX has to offer, homes!!! The OBX has a handful of chain hotels (limited) and some quaint seaside inns. I find this absolutely one of the best offerings becasue its not filled with commercialized resorts. This leads to more of a family feel.

    One of the best things I enjoy is the homes on the Outer Banks that are for rent. Our group started with 8 young adults just starting their familes. We have since grown 8 to 23 adults and children. Why? Because where else can you go and stay in a mini mansion that has everything from the beach out your front door, to a pool, game room, amoung other amenities in your own intimate rental!

    The OBX homes are perfect for a couple, family, group of friends, or a family reunion. Also many homes offer special events and more and more couples are escaping to the OBX for their weddings.

    The OBX have become a mecca for vacationers and those who have fallen in love enough to build their dream home or their dream vacation rental. After you experience your first trip, you might find yourself researching on moving or investing. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!


The Outer Banks is home of just pure beauty. It is an East coast gem that one should experience at least once in their lives. Make sure to do your research because it has so much to offer. Depending on what you are looking for in a vacation can be found here. Be prepared to fall in love and never want to leave....