The Best Easy/Yummy Dinners

Published: October 6, 2014

It's hard making delicious food when kids are running around and screaming about how they want PB&J's or Spaghettio's for dinner. But recently I've found that good food can come from simply a box of pasta and some spices. I've compiled this list based on food that I've made in the past month. 

  1. Mozzarella Pasta

    All I have to do to make this meal is cook a box of angel hair pasta for ten minutes, mix in some (or lots) of mozzarella cheese and basil once you've drained the pasta, and then slice up some tomatoes and throw it on top. This is a delicious way to experience an easy Italian meal. 

  2. Hawaiian Chicken

    The most important thing for this meal is marinade. I usually thaw out a bag of chicken in the fridge overnight. Then I'll use a marinade (specifically Hawaiian-inspired or fruity flavored) and let the chicken sit for a few hours. Then I'll cook up some white rice and sauteed vegetables. I bake the chicken for no more than thirty minutes and then throw it on top of the rice. 

  3. BBQ Salad

    This one's my favorite. All you need for this is lettuce, bacon, chicken, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing and cheddar cheese. First you'll brush BBQ sauce onto thawed chicken and cook it for about twenty minutes. Then you'll want to put your salads together, adding croutons or egg if you want. Next I cut the chicken up and mix the salad together for a wonderful (and slightly healthy) meal!

  4. Easy Quesadillas

    This is probably the easiest of all the dinners. Simply throw a whole wheat tortilla onto a pan, turn up the gas and throw toppings on! I usually prefer mexican-style cheese and peppers, but feel free to add anything you want. As soon as the cheese melts, fold the quesadilla over (or put another on top) and use sour cream and salsa as dip. 

  5. Cream Cheese Stuffed Tortilla

    This meal is more or less a lunch depending on how much you make. First you'll wanna cover your tortilla with cream cheese. Then take any fillings you want (green pepper, cucumber, or even fruit) and set it in the center of your tortilla. Slowly begin rolling the tortilla up and then slice off each end. Cut the tortilla into small portions and use toothpicks as a way to avoid messy eating. 

  6. Fried Spaghetti

    What you'll need is olive oil, spaghetti, and vegetables. First you'll cut up your vegetables (I usually use mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and some herbs) and sautee them in a pan. Then you'll take your cooked pasta and throw it in the pan with the vegetables, mixing in some olive oil for taste. Let it cook for under ten minutes and you're set.