3 Easiest Freshwater Fish to Own

Published: October 5, 2014

Have you ever gone to the fish section of a store and wondered which fish would live the longest? Which one would be forgiving and not die if you forgot to feed it? This article gives you that insight. Next time you go to the fish section of a store you can choose with confidence.

  1. Betta

    This fish is pretty and typically has a flowing tail. This fish does not require water to be continuously oxegenated. It can live in any structure that can hold water. it is common to see these fish in waiting rooms in clear vases that have a vine plant growing at the top. It will live if you forget to feed it for about a week

  2. plecostomus / algea eater / pleco

    This fish is the easiest to take care of. It's takes the same amount of effort required to keep a cactus alive. The only downside, it's not prety to look at and it's quite boring. It attaches itself onto a part of the aquarium and sucks the algea off. If you choose to have a plant in the tank you will not need to worry about feeding him. 

  3. Goldfish

    This is the staple of any fish tank. Beware though, these little guys give off a ton of nitrate in their poop. They require minimal care and like the Betta do not require a tank that has water pumping continuously into the tank. 

    What makes these guys a good deal is they are typically $0.10 at the pet store. The reason for the low price; people with bigger fish buy goldfish for their fish to eat.

Getting a fish requires some work, but with the right fish that amount of work can be fairly limited. So the next time you are at the fish section of a store you can make a decision about what fish you want.