Best Craft Brew Haunts in NYC

Published: October 4, 2014

I love crafts brews, i.e. beers brewed by small breweries that like to be creative with their recipes. I've been to a lot of places in NYC that offer this sort of tipple, and here is a list of the very best I've encountered. 

  1. McSorley's Old Ale House

    McSorley's is an institution that's been around since the 1850's, and when you step inside, you'll see that borne out right away. A thick layer of dust surrounds the fixtures, and the tables are ancient. They serve 2 types of beer (light and dark), and serve it en masse to crowds of drunken students, locals, and a smattering of elites in the know. It's an Irish bar, with some of the most authentic irish pubmen you've ever seen anywhere... unless of course you're from Ireland. Great bar food, for when you're feeling the reel of 8 of their pints. 

    McSorley's Old Ale House

  2. The Blind Tiger

    If you like craft beer, this place is worth a solid shot. It's a wine and beer bar, offering a laundry list of unique brews both in bottles and on tap. Great atmosphere; friendly people and staff. They have an excellent menu as well - try the grilled cheese and you won't be dissapointed. 

    The Blind Tiger

  3. Dinosaur BBQ (NYC)

    This NYC transplant from Syracuse NY tries to bring the best BBQ to NYC. While it was doing this, it also managed to bring along an impressive collection of craft beer with it. The beer alone is worth the trip - but the ribs are what brings this place all together - so good you can eat the ends of the bones. 

    Dinosaur BBQ (NYC)

  4. Spuyten Duyvil

    This place, nestled in the no-man's land of NYC's outer boroughs, is a unique oasis of craft brews and good foods. My advice? Take a taxi - it's worth it. 

    Sputen Duyvil

  5. Windy City Ale House

    A haven for sports and Rangers fans, this Bay Ridge ale house has great food and a top notch selection of local and Chicago based beers. They have Six-Point beer on tap (a New York local) and it's fantastic, often found in limited amounts. Offers something for craft beer fans and bud light drinkers alike. 

    Windy City Ale House

  6. Heartland Brewery

    While one of the bigger chains, their craft beer selection can't be beat. They have repeating seasonals (one of my favorites being Smiling Jack's Pumpkin Ale) which are pretty tasty in their own right. Serving food and liquor as well, they're worth a trip down there. 

    Heartland Brewery

  7. Peculier Pub

    Within walking distance of the aforementioned Blind Tiger, this place has a good assortment of tap craft brews, and an insane collection of bottled beers, for those of you with copious monies. With restuarant style food offers, this place has the feel of a college bar. 

    Peculier Pub

  8. D.B.A

    This gem has a fine selection of good draught beers, and an even finer selection of single malt whiskeys. Good movie theatre nearby. 



  9. Waterfront Ale House

    This place has a great selection of beer, as well as having a slightly refined atmosphere. 

    Waterfront Ale House

  10. Burp Castle

    Burp Castle is a great one - revered over the years as a beer Valhalla. 

    Burp Castle

There's many places you get draft beer in the city - you shouldn't just feel limited to this list. Get out there, visit these places, and form your own opinions!