The Best Video Games That Won't Break Your Budget

Published: October 4, 2014

This list is a collection of some of the greatest games in history. From classic adventuring to battling it out with friends, all the games appeal to many different types of gamers. I feel this list is compiled well with games being judged on gameplay, nostalgia, graphics, and overall story. Another great thing about this list, they aren't going to break your wallet! They are for different systems and different types of players so I feel there's at least something for everybody!

  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    SYSTEM: Super-Nintendo

    This game is arguable the greatest video game ever made in history. With the perfect mix of adventure, battle, and puzzles, it without doubt makes millions of gamers' list as one of the best gaming experiences ever. The gameplay is flawless wiht extra sidequests and a perfect storyline. From everything from the groud-breaking graphics to the iconic music, it definitely deserves the number 1 spot on this list. You can find it at your local used game store for a mere $20-$25. Worth every penny.

  2. Super Metroid

    SYSTEM: Super-Nintendo

    This game should be a vital spot in every gamer's collection. One of the first games with a strong, female protagonist, super metroid is a complex and challenging game. The storyline and gameplay are awesome and extremely unique. With a game-changing rotating map system, this game turns a video game into a scavenger hunt for new areas with plenty of hard puzzles along the way. The music was ahead of it's time, adding to it's dark and creepy feel. You can find it at your local used game store for anywhere between $10-$25. A priceless gaming experience. 

  3. Pokemon Yellow

    SYSTEM: Nintendo Gameboy

    Now this game is not only limited to the noted yellow version. Pretty much every Pokemon handheld game, from red and blue to x and y, will blow your mind. Every second of these RPG's are enjoyable. You get to build up a team, explore regions, and battle friends and enemies alike. Can it get any better? The popularity of the franchise is not in vain. Everything from the gameplay to the characters to the music are nearly perfect. While some of the titles can get a little expensive ranging from $40 to $50, some of the more well-distributed titles are around $15, making this game franchise impossible to pass up.

  4. Super Mario Galaxy

    SYSTEM: Nintendo Wii

    Hands down, without a doubt, the best platformer ever created in my opinion; Super Mario Galaxy is lightyears ahead of it's time. With creative and innovative level designs and mind-boggling graphics, this game will blow you out of this world. The music even brings that nostalgic mario feeling. This game has classic puzzles and collecting quests along with fun new costumes and absolutely crazy levels. For the price of $20, how can you not give this amazing game a try?

  5. Red Dead Redemption

    SYSTEM: Playstation 3

    With a killer storyline and super fun gameplay, Red Dead Redemption has a well-deserved place on this list. The best part of this game for sure is the story. It is intense and exciting in so many different aspects. The graphics are amazing, of course being on the Playstation 3, and the characters really pull you in and leave you wanting more. You can pick this game up locally used for around $20-$30. 

While this cut a bit short, it is compiled with careful care and consideration. There are so many great and affordable games out in the world. This list is just a mere taste of the great gaming adventures yet to be had.