Best Places to go to get the Milwaukee experience

Published: October 3, 2014

Milwaukee is one of the greatest places to visit. The vast number of different cultures that coverged to live there means different places to eat every day. There really isn't another place like it, and no matter where I've lived no one has been able to replicate it. It's a city with it's own model U.N. and one really talks about it. You could live there all summer and never get the same expeience twice, so hopefully this will help you get the best bang for your buck. Each item on the list represents a taste that you can't get anywhere else. 

  1. Kopp's Frozen Custard

    mmmm frozen custard

    My fiance brings up at least once a week how he wishes we could just drive to Kopp's and pick up a turtle sundae (custard, carmel, hot fudge, and salted pecans) and a Kopp's hamburger. He tells everyone we meet about this place and we live in Oregon so they have no idea what he's talking about. The place is that good. Every day at their 3 locations they come out with 2 flavors of the day, they also have a sundae and a shake of the month. Two of the locations barely have any inside seating or outside seating and people still come in droves to this place because it's that good. 

  2. Cousin's Subs

    Every other sub place sucks, this will rock your world

    This is another place my fiance tells everyone about, but this place is different he wants to open a franchise here. In fact if you ask anyone from South Eastern Wisconsin many of them will tell you that Cousins is one of the first places they run back to when they visit Milwaukee again. My friend, Adrian and I joke about visiting Cousin's when we visit. Every other sub shop with taste like garbage compared to Cousin's. After we came back from Milwaukee and we went to Jimmy John's I could see the look in Julian's eye (my fiance) it was the look of this is crap compared to what I had before. I have included a picture of a Johnsonville brat sub that they had for summer. That really should be all the incentive you need. 

  3. Glorioso's Italian Market

    Amazing Italian Food

    I went to school not that far away from here and one of my first experience with this place was smelling the bread at 2:30 in the morning. It was the smell of happiness and melting butter and then I remembered that I was drunk probably should get to bed. The next morning I ran to Glorioso's it was amazing. They have an Italian Beef sandwich that is out of this world, it's juicy, favorful, and you can still smell on your hand hours later. Italian Sausage sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, Tiramisu, gelato, fresh pasta. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Ever since they bought the old Brady Street Pharmacy they were able to expand their offerings and really revitalize the whole area. Their sandwiches have won awards. I would honestly make up an excuse just so I can go back to Wisconsin and I would pick up as much of Glorioso's food as I could and bring it back with me. It's that amazing. You can't get good Italian food out here and I miss it. I fought a woman once because she took the last tiramisu, their stuff is that good. 

  4. Casablanca

    Smoking Hookah on Brady

    Another restaurant on Brady street, but this is one has more of a relaxed vibe. Originally it started out as a small restaurant, but now has grown into two story hookah bar,balcony, and restaurant. The vibe there is amazing. Each time I've been there everyone's been chilled out with eithe alcoholic drinks or rosewater lemonade and hookah in just a really relaxed atmosphere. Even with all the chaos going on, on Brady street no one seemed to care as if the the bubble of Casablanca was going to protect us. They have a pretty good mix of hookah flavors that they do allow you to mix and someone comes around to make sure that your hookah stays burning . The food is pretty good as well. Last time I was there, I had the Shwarmma and it was amazing. Making for a great night for Julian and I. 

  5. Jake's Deli

    Best Reuben

    Every time I have been to Jake's it's been a 45 minute wait. Even if I called the order in. The food is that good. I'm talking about the North ave location, I know they opened another location in Southridge mall, which I'm sure the wait time has gone down there, but I'm not familiar with it so I can't attest to it. The guys that have been working behind the counter have been there since dinosaurs roamed the Earth and they know how the make a sandwich. They cut through the meat, like a ballerina cuts through the air, or a painter paints. It's a work of art to watch them cut the meat with such prescion and accuracy. No one minds the wait, no one minds paying in cash either. I've never heard one person complain and we live in a society of complainers. 

  6. Speed Queen BBQ

    Best BBQ in the City

    This is another place that only accepts cash. The BBQ is fantastic though. The one downside is you have to deal with panhandlers trying to get anything out of you though as this isn't in the greatest of neighborhoods. No one makes better BBQ than Speed Queen though so you just got to deal with the panhandlers and get that shoulder sandwich. That's what I get when I go there. It's just so tender and fall off the bone. Mouth is just watering when you go up to the board and order. You can see the flames and the meat roasting when you get there, and your sitting in your car thinking you took out not enough money because your stomach is telling you that you need to eat more of this good food. There is always a line, you can never just order and go up to the window. Bring a snack or you might get hangry. 

I wanted to show different places that showed the best that Milwaukee had to offer. There are so many other places that Milwaukee has. Maybe I'll make a part 2 of this list, if this one has a good reception. I just wanted to get everyone's feet wet and show them that there are other places to eat than just the normal chain restaurants that are out there. These places serve up fantastic food, have reasonable prices, provide a good time, and leave you with a good memory of Milwaukee. They are also all started by immigrants to this country. So if you haven't been to them give them a chance, believe me they will change the way you think about food.