The Best Waterfalls in North Carolina

Published: October 2, 2014

This is a list of the Best Waterfalls in North Carolina. Western North Carolina is a definite must see and do for everyone. The Mountains and trails hide the very best of mother nature. Besides viewing wildlife and foliage, the trails cutting and swerving through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, and Dupont State Forest hide many sights and scenes. Here are the 10 best waterfalls in North Carolina.

Crabtree Falls Trail

By Trevor Hales

Located in Marion, NC, Crabtree Falls is a slight 2 hour hike through well maintained nature trail. Perfect for a Saturday out with the family. 

  1. Skinny Dip Falls

    First on the list is Skinny Dip Falls located in Canton, NC. This is a great place to go and have a dip as well as a hike. 

    Skinny Dip Falls 

    By Ivey Lamos


    The trail runs about 0.07 mile back and is animal friendly, so bring man's best friend to join in the family fun! The trail is considered moderate, so after a quick hike, you can plunge into the refreshing waters of the falls. Don't forget to bring the picinic basket and camera to enjoy the wildlife as you rest for your hike back to your car. 

  2. Looking Glass Rock Trail

    Looking Glass Rock Trails

    By Makena Wight


    Looking Glass Rock Trail is located by Brevard, NC. The 6.9 mile trail is rated as moderate. The trail takes you through a part of the Pisgah National Park. It has a large paved parking lot for you to park in and a Forest Service  sign to identify where to go as you start your hike to the Looking Glass Rock Falls, one of the most photographed falls in Western North Carolina. You can view the verticle drop of the falls from several spots, including the road.  You will enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenes and waterfall as you hike through the forest and on to Looking Glass Rock. Looking Glass Rock is known for bird watching, as it is prime nesting area for the peregrine falcon. 

  3. Triple Falls Loop

    Triple Falls Loop is located near Hendersonville, NC. This 0.3 of a mile hike takes you to the beautiful Triple Falls.

    Triple Falls 

    By Isaac Crisp


    From the parking lot, you cross an old bridge to the clearly marked trail to get to Triple Falls. For the more adventursome folks, you can continue up the trail through Dupont State Forest, around the loop, and continue to the bottom of High Falls. Extreme caution should be used as with any trails following waterbeds. Follow the trail from there by hopping rocks to the other side, going under a covered bridge, and eventually ending up back at the parking lot. The scenes and adventure are waiting there for all to enjoy. 

  4. Moore Cove Falls

    Moore Cove Falls is located in the Pisgah Forest 

    Moore Cove Falls

    By greer82496


    The start of the trail leading up to the falls has you crossing the river on a covered bridge. The very easy hike is fun for the whole family. On approach, you can hear the 50ft waterfall and smell the wet earth as the water cascades over a rock cliff. You can go right up to the falls and stand underneath to experience natures shower. Moore Cove Falls could be considered the second most popular waterfall to go and experience.

  5. Hooker Falls

    Hooker Falls Trail- Dupont State forest

    By Trevor Mathews

    Hooker Falls is located in the Dupont State Forest near Pisgah Forest and is 0.8 miles back on the Hooker Falls Trail. This trail is for all skill levels with being known as the easiest waterfall to access in the Dupont State Forest and is accessible all year. The pool at the base of the falls is known for a great swimming hole for all visitors. The trail is also dog friendly so bring Fido for some fun in the water. 

  6. Raven Cliff Falls

    Raven Cliff Falls Trail

    By Joseph Merlin

    Raven Cliff Falls is nestled out 2 miles on Raven Cliff Falls Trail near Cleveland, South Carolina. This is a moderate trail and is a nice hike for the advanced hiker. The trail is wooded and taken care of. Once you get to the falls, you witness the majestic carved out stone that the falls have made over years of erosion. This is truely natures art. A must see. 

  7. Bridal Veil Falls

    Bridal Veil Falls is located near Cedar Mountain, NC. 

    Bridal Veil Falls 

    By Robert Benedict

    To get to Bridal Veil Falls, the hike is 3 miles out and back. The trail is predominantly traveled by motorcycle or on horse back. The 120 foot tall falls provide many flat rocks for you to observe the falls. There is even a flat bed of rock underneath the falls for you to enjoy. Be cautious on wet rocks as they are very slick. There is an observation deck for you to enjoy as well. The Bridal Veil Falls was recently used in The Hunger Games for a shoot location. Definitely a bucket-list location! 

  8. Three Falls Hike

    Three Falls Hike

    By Steven Owen

    Three Falls Hike is a trail that passes Rose River Falls, Dark Hollow Falls, and Lewis Spring Falls, and is located in the beautiful Dupont State Forest surrounded by Hooker Falls, High Falls, and Triple Falls. The hike is easy and is suggested to visit in the early morning for a nice breakfast picnic. From the parking area, you can walk down 75 yards to the intersection of the Appalachain Trail. Get ready for beautiful foliage, deer and bears, and the most beautiful waterfalls ever. 

  9. Panthertown Valley

    Panthertown Valley (Best Route)

    By Tim Ball

    Panthertown Valley is known as the "Yosemite of the West". Located just outside of Brevard, NC, Panthertown Valley has many trails, lookouts, and waterfalls for you to experience. Not only can you hike in the Panthertown Valley, but you can camp, fish, mountain bike, ride horse back, and experience the natural beauty of the forest. Panthertown Valley is also part of the Panthertown Bonus-Defeat bear sanctuary. A trail system map can be downloaded here . There is something for everyone at Panthertown Valley. 

  10. Wintergreen Falls

    Wintergreen Falls is a 25 foot waterfall located near Hendersonville, NC. 

    Wintergreen Falls

    By Ron Cline

    With a trail map located at the start of the trail, you start your journey to the falls on the downhill wooded path. You will experience nature at its core with big boulders scattered throughout the trail giving a primordial feeling. There are some flat rocks near the falls that you can rest on or have a picnic on. The trail is big enough for bikes or horseback for a 3 mile round trip. Wintergreen Falls resides at the bottom of Grassy Creek Gorge and was named "Wintergreen" because of the evergreen ground cover known as Teaberry in the Grassy Creek Area. 

The waterfalls in North Carolina are majestic, popular, and has something for every person that wants to experience nature at its absolute best. With Skinny Dip Falls ranked at number one, you can't go wrong with packing up your family and heading out into the magnificent mountains of North Carolina.