Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

Published: September 30, 2014

I've been vegan for four years before that I was the person who loved cheese and hotdogs.  I went vegan when I decided my comfort was no longer more important than their suffering.  The problem was I still craved cheese and hotdogs. I've not gone back and I won't because I've found these wonderful restaurants. (and it's the right thing to do) The food at each place is of course vegan but also super yummy.

  1. Kitchen 17

    Kitchen 17 has food that tastes the way you remember food tasting before you went vegan.  It is the place to take your judgy parents who don't understand why you just won't eat something "normal".  Take your friends who give the disclaimer "she's a vegan" after introducing you.  They will love it.  I promise.

  2. Native Foods

    Similar to Kitchen 17, Native Foods has food that has the taste of greasy food you remember but also food that is good for you.  The "chicken" wings will have your friends saying "it tastes just like chicken". 


  3. The Chicago Diner

    Chicago Diner, meat free since 83' is their slogan.  All food is vegan unless otherwise specified and everything is vegitarian.  This is the only place I've found vegan poutine and it is spectacular.

  4. Quesadilla La Reina Del Sur

    Quesadilla La Reina Del Sur otherwise known as just "Quesadilla" to locals is just great Mexican food that happens to be vegan.  The chicharron quesadilla tastes the way I remember pork skin tasting, greasy and salty, absolutely wonderful.  The place is BYOB and there is a liquor store across the street.  I'm not sure it gets better.


  5. Karyn’s on Green

    Karyn's on Green is a little bit more fancy but not super expensive.  The food, as is all in this list is delicious.  The ambiance is really lovely it's a great place to take a date.

  6. Handlebar

    Fried pickles is all I can say about Handlebar.  It is a hipster bar so the beer is good and the food is great.  Not all vegan though so make sure you specify.

  7. La Cocina

    La Concina is another vegan Mexican food place, more like a taqueria.  It is not all vegan, they have animal dishes too.  The vegan chorizo though is so tasty you won't need the other.

  8. The Protein Bar

    So this is the healthly vegan food.  I'll be honest the name Protein Bar was not appealing to me but once I got over myself and went there I was happy. It was really good.  It's a chain and there are so many all over Chicago. 

  9. Upton's Naturals/Breakroom

    Upton's Breakroom is a very small cafe in the upton seitan factory.  If you are vegan you need to go here.  It is so interesting and the food is great. 

  10. Yummy Yummy

    Yummy Yummy is indeed yummy!  This is a vegan Chinese restaurant that cooks all their vegan food separately.  The vegan options are vast and scrumptious.  You have to try their fried rice and egg rolls.  Anyone vegan or not will not be able to keep themselves from saying yummmm.

This list is the one to use when you want to take your family and friends who just don't get  it out to eat.  I promise you will find something they will enjoy and you will be able to say again and again "Yes, that's vegan.  Yes really.  I promise  you it is vegan."