Why Asheville is an Awesome Place to Live

Published: September 30, 2014

This is my own personal list of reasons why I love living in Asheville, North Carolina. It's a quirky, biased, and completely informal. 

You don't even have to move here to experience all of these examples, either! You can come for a visit and check it out for yourself. So here we go, enjoy your read. :)


  1. Blue Ridge Mountains

    Just on the cuff of the Great Smoky Mountains are the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, named after the color that sets off while looking at them from a distance.

    I don't mean to seem inappropriate, but I love where the elevation is so high, that the clouds break up dangerous storms that have been plaguing our countryside. I was born and raised in the TriState area of the West, in Tornado Alley, and I cannot stand tornados! I also own a singlewide manufactured home, so that can't be safe, either.


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  2. Spring

    Spring in the mountains may bring that painful hay fever, but I can tell you, the sight is well worth it. I've seen it rain flowers, and it's beautiful! I get to run barefoot in the soft grass, which is a big deal to me, being from the High Plains, and it's quite painful to run there. Nobody likes a big thorny goathead stuck on their heels.

    Of course, the old adage "April showers bring May flowers" rings true here. It rains quite bit here, but don't let that deter you. Wildflowers and gardens both create quite the vision as far as the eye can see.

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  3. Autumn

    E, how is this not just related to the Spring part you may ask. Well, the fall here in Asheville is a natural wonder all on its own. Imagine the colors surrounding you in the crisp autumn air, sitting in your rocking chair on the deck sipping your coffee while looking out into the Blue Ridge. I don't have a deck myself, just the standard steps up to my singlewide, but a girl can dream, yes? My next door neighbor has the wonder deck with the views, plus fun stuff to play with for toddlers like our redheaded girls. 

    I digress -- I just want to let you know how much this place means to me. I call Asheville my hometown, and my father's family is from here for generations past. Autumn has to be one of my absolute favorite times of year, and may people around the world travel here just for that reason.

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  4. Physical Fitness Buffs in Nature

    In all honesty, I only put this in because there are a lot of outdoor activities for those who have a sense of adventure and into physical fitness. Hiking, camping, mountain biking, professional cycling, ziplining and white water rafting are just a few recreational interests that Asheville has to offer. Personally, I would choose a leisurely float down the French Broad River on an inner tube myself. Zen Tubing is just down the road from me, near the Arboretum and Blue Ridge Parkway on Highway 191.

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  5. Must Love Dogs

    This is one dog friendly town. Imagine getting to go shopping in the hustle and bustle of downtown Asheville, with all of its eclectic shops, holding the leash of your labrador. You will see some places with a water bowl out front, some stores let you walk in to browse the merchandise with Rover in tow, and even might have a treat for him! Some store owners even have their dog (or cat) hang out inside behind the counter.

    I also have to mention that one of my favorite charities is a no-kill animal shelter named Brother Wolf, and they have a thrift store, fostering and adopting opportunities, and even hold big events that are fun to attend. I like to go to the shelter and sit in the cat room and pet the cats that wander around freely...because my husband won't let me have one.

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  6. The Drum Circle

    Okay, I know this is weird, but there's something about a crowd who gets together to beat a drum together. On Friday evenings during the warmer months, the locals and tourists all head towards Pritchard Park and join in the celebration. If you don't have a drum, you can use your lap, or dance in the middle to the collective rhythm echoing throughout downtown.

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  7. Everyone-Friendly

    The hyphenate was because eco-, transgender, family friendly town was too long for the subject line. This town is not a melting pot --  it's a salad bowl!

    There's something for every walk of life here. Nobody is turned away by race, creed, sexual orientation, religion (or lack of), et cetera. Hippies, country folk, city people -- we're all here sharing the love that is Asheville, North Carolina! Don't ever be afraid to randomly start a conversation with someone you don't know, chances are you could make a new friend and a helpful tourist guide.

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  8. Beer City, USA

    I had to put this in. Almost every year since 2009, Asheville has been dubbed Beer City, USA (rivaling Grand Rapids, Michigan). Bars, microbreweries, breweries, sake distillaries and wineries are aplenty in this mountain town. We've been so popular lately that both Sierra Nevada and New Belgium have announced that they are going to open up manufacturing locations here.

    If you're a beer connoisseur, look no further than this town right here. Have a little bit of fun while you're touring the sights! There's the Brews Cruise, where you get VIP treatment to different sites and taste what Asheville has to offer, complete with your very own designated driver. Then there's the Asheville Amazing Pubcycle, which is what I'm dying to try. It's BYOB fun while cycling this motorized vehicle, and it looks like FUN (image below)

    As for the wineries, who doesn't love a free wine tasting? My friends and I went to the Biltmore Estate during Christmas a few years ago, and we stopped at Antler Village to try them all before jovially checking out the House itself. Ah, good times.

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  9. The Biltmore Estate

    Well, can't talk about Asheville without mentioning the infamous Biltmore Estate. Dubbed "The Largest Private Home in America," George Vanderbilt had it built in the 1880s. In a poor and ravished town during the Great Depression, kindness from the Vanderbilts was bestowed onto the people. Currently it's a landmark museum that is enchanting during the spring and holidays, with its beautiful decorations. That time I had mentioned about visiting with my friends? We met Jeff Foxworthy that day. Anyways, it is still owned and operated by Vanderbilt decendants. Don't forget to look for it in movies!


  10. Mission Health System

    I know, I know, it's weird that I would mention a hospital, but if you lived in a town where your local hospital is named in the top 15 hospitals in the nation for consecutive years, you'd feel pretty confident that you're in good hands whenever health problems strike. Check out their awards page, and be in awe of the goodness that is Asheville's hospital system!

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So my top ten reasons come to an end, and although I could add more, it's eleven o'clock in the evening, and my fourteen month old has finished watching "Frozen" for the second time today, and we both have an early morning. If you do happen to come to Asheville for a visit, don't forget we also are (somewhat) nearby great towns like Atlanta, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, and Cherokee. I certainly hope you have enjoyed the read!

My husband and I sharing a kiss outside the Biltmore Estate during the visit I'd mentioned.