The Best Restaurants in Pulaski County Ky

Published: November 15, 2013

So you have came to the lovely Pulaski County you traveled quite a way looking to have some fun on Lake Cumberland on vacation with your family and friends. Well the first thing i say you want (asides from a nice hot shower) is a good meal. Just by judgeing us by our surface you'll think that we dont have much to offer, but let a native of this area go ahead and tell you put down that microwave burito you picked up at that last gas station and pick up your pen and paper.

  1. Ruckel's Restaurant

    To the north of Somerst, past Science Hill youll find a quite little town called Eubank. There is not alot in Eubank (take it from me ive spent a while up ther) but the do have a top notch resturant. You get great prices and excelent service to match. Ruckles also has some of the best food in the area. They serve everything from steak to seafood and theres no better place for some down home country cooking. They have a large amount of country decor and some of the best sweet tea in the county.

    One of the best part of ruckles is that after you eat they do own a pay lake behund the restaurant so after you and the family fill up on their wonderful food you can go fishing out back. they have cash prizes for any record breaking fish you pull out of their lake!

  2. Tumbleweed Southwest