The best affordable asian places to eat in Los Angeles

Published: September 29, 2014

Hey everyone,

I've decided to put together a few of the best (affordable) asian restaurants I've been to while living in Los Angeles. I was born and raised here, surrounded by various asian cultures and that has extremely influenced my pallete. From aunthetic korean, chinese, vietnamese, japanese, and filipino restaurants being located in Los angeles  - these are the best so far that I've found to be delicious and within a decent budget. 

  1. Vegetable Delight

    Now, this may be considered "a hole in the wall" of places to eat, but sometimes the most simple pleasures in life are the best! Although the decor may not be up to snuff, the food and service blows any sort of reservations about the enviornment out of the water. The front of the building is white with chinese letters that say "VEGETABLE DELIGHT" under the sign in English. The entrance has cloth at the top of the door (an asian entrance staple) and is decorated with christmas lights. There's something homey and welcoming about the restaurant that reminds you of a loving Chinese's mothers home cooking. Their menu is vegan and vegetarian only, who would have thought of adding both asian cuisine to both? Nonetheless, the two match perfectly with their recipes and every meal is indeed a healthy treat. The dishes are simple, organic, non-greasy and with lots of flavor and even have very authentic options such as the "veggie" Jelly fish and veggie pekking duck - in addition to the fun Kombucha health drinks that are sold in stores, you can get here too! When I ate here, I ordered the lettuce wraps with tofu filling (seasoned to perfection) and brown rice. The tofu was soft and golden, and the lettuce was crisp and crunchy. I literally did not want to stop eating them, and the rice was a perfect accent to the dish to counterpart the main dish. Although I went more on the safe side of foods, their menu is full of variety and you'll be curious what to order next!



    Vegetable Delight website





  2. Roy's

    Now, this restrauant is located in various parts of Southern California but the one I've been to is in the San Fernando Valley (Woodland Hills) area and my experience with this place has just been excellent. Roy's is a hawaiian/asian fusion restaurant that is a bit on the higher end side (but still very affordable) The menu consists of Hawaiian and japanese fusioned favorites, mostly fish, meat and poultry, and mixed plates. One of the few things

    I remember in this place is the beautiful ambience, it was kind of dark lit inside (but relaxing) and accented with dark wood and tropical decor as seen here >

    This restrauant is a great place to do on a dinner date with your significant other or a special occasion. Not only was the food impeccible (asian flavors, meat cooked to perfection but still tender and I can't forget aboutthe complementary garlic butter that I devoured with warm bread) but the service as well. They treat you like they WANT to serve you, and make sure your dining experience is met to your liking. It's not too loud, and I didn't notice a lot of families there (because it is a tad higher end) so it's definitely a great place if you're just looking for somewhere nicer to eat with an asian tang!



    Roy's Website



  3. Galleria Market

    Growing up in the San Fernando Valley as a kid, I was always curious about the different cultures that were so spread out in my area. One of them, notably, is the dense korean population and various Korean eateries. Going to this market is almost nostalgic for me as I would go here during my teens and just hang out by the starbucks next door, or go to the gym near by, but nonetheless - always get Korean food! First off, this market is pretty darn huge (about the size of a regular big American supermarket) You can find nearly any type of asian produce, meat, noodles, cleaning supplies, and toiletries - and that's just the market itself. Inside however, there are food courts.. and quite a few of them. Each food court serves it's own business and is a different type. For example, one section may sell  Korean fried foods, the other more of a Japanese stye (such as sushi, noodles) and it even has a small sushi mart where you can get your sushi to-go.

    Did I mention the barkey as well? Tours le JOURS is a well known Korean barkey that does a spin on Korean and french pastries. They are located inside with their own section, and have a huge supply of different baked goods (even cakes, and other confectionary delights.) I'm recommending this market for it's huge variety of asian cuisine at affordable prices (mostly korean, but also some Japanese and chinese as well) and the excellent fast-paced service. You can get your groceries for the day, then hop over to the food court and enjoy yourself a nice lunch or dinner. They even have small shops in side that sell clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, and videos. Being in this market is almost like a mini-Korean shopping mall, but without the hus and bus! 






To summarize my listing, I would have to recommend all 3 of these places as best on the list. They're each different and unique, and only located in Southern California. I hope my experience descriptions have helped and encouraged you to go check these place out. You won't regret it!