The Best Books I Have Read

Published: September 26, 2014

I have come up with a list of books that out of this tons that I have read, need to be included on a favorites list. These books are ones I highly recommend reading, most of which relate more to young adults, but does not mean others can't or shouldn't read them.  

  1. The Fault in our Stars


    Cliche, I know. Every girl, teenager, whoever, has this on their list of favorite books. It's especially popular now that it has become a movie. It's just an all around good book. It's not your typical teen romance book. I feel as though it takes it to another level. A more meaningful one I should say. It has it's romance moments like any teenage romance book, but this one is more special and genuine. It's raw I guess you could say. This is a book that anyone of all ages could enjoy.  

  2. Freaky Green Eyes

    Freaky Green Eyes is litereally the first book that made me think, "Wow, I enjoy reading. I should do this more often."  Honestly, the reason I bought this book was the fact that I have green eyes and totally judged the book by it's cover. I don't know what it is really about this book that has stuck with me for about 7 years now. I wouldn't say it's the greatest book I've ever read, but it's different. It takes you into a world that most teenage books don't take you. It's not a romance book at all. In fact, it's a family book. One that I feel some can relate to. Being part of a family that everyone thinks is perfect, but behind closed doors it's something completely different. It takes you into abuse, murder, and can be considered possibly a mystery? It's written through the eyes of the oldest daughter and as you read you just feel how she is feeling. You understand it even if it's something you haven't experienced personally. I can just go on about this book. Again, I haven't even read this book in about 6 or so years and it's has continued to stay in my mind as one of my favorite books.

  3. 13 Reasons Why

    As you read this book, you discover why a girl decides to kill herself. There are 13 different people that she goes to talk about and how they had a part in your suicide. It's not narrated by the girl who kills herself even though she is the main focus of the book. It's through a young boys life, who really doesn't have any main part in her death. In a way, you discover so much about this girls life, without actually knowing it, which I think is really interesting. 

  4. After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings and Flew Away

    Unfortunately, I don't own this book, but it's one of my all time favorite books. This one again has so much emotion and you can feel the girls pain as you read it. Again, I decided to read this book based on the cover. I mean, what book has a title this long? None that I can think of. I'm so glad I got the priviledge of getting to read this book. This one has so much raw emotion and is something I can't relate to but literally just broke me down. You get so involved in your emotions and story and just know everything that's going on and even with bad decisions made in the book, you understand why they were made. 

  5. A Child Called It


    I'm not usually one to go for books based on a true story, but this one really got me. I remember my mom telling me I shouldn't read this book (I was only 11 or 12 when I did) just because of eveything this man went through as a child. Everything his mother put him through. This was probably the first book to ever make me cry. To just feel so bad for someone that I just couldn't handle it. It's such an extraordinary book though, to see how much he went through and knowing how he is today.

  6. Looking For Alaska

    You just need to read for yourself. It's such an amazing book not too many words can really describe it. 

  7. Candy

    This novel takes you to meeting someone with a problem and no matte how much you try to help them, sometimes you just can't. Or you try and it just takes so much time, but the key is to never give up. It also helps you know that even though someone has a problem, one that you yourself can't fix, it doesn't make them a bad person. Sometimes one bad choice can lead to a long term problem that it's hard to fix. 

  8. The Lovely Bones

    The movie doesn't do it any justice.

  9. The Last Song

    Now I'm not one who reads the book, sees the movie, and thinks both are amazing. Until this book that is. I read the book and of course cried and litereally could not wait for the movie to come out. Honestly,  I don't think I had even been so excited for a movie to come out before. And when it did, I was definitely not disappointed. Both are truly amazing and loved it so much.

  10. Sarah Dessen Books

    I'm probably cheating by doing this, but I couldn't choose just one of her books. I don't think there's one book of hers that I haven't read. The style of each one is similar, teen romance, but the stories are so different. Each one taking you to a different place. I can look at one of her books and it just takes me back to summer. Being at my grandmothers house, reading one of her novels late at night while everyone else is sleeping. They're all such feel good books and I personally could not put them down once I started on one. I highly highly recommend every single of one her books.

I would say my favorite of all of these is my choice to include all of Sarah Dessens books. There's just so much about them to love. However, I need to include Freaky Green Eyes, this is a book I recommend to everyone. It's so different and chilling and so different from other stories I have read before.