The best activities to do with an active child

Published: September 25, 2014

Here is a list of activities to do with a young child who is always on the go.

  1. Go to different local parks.

    There are usually several parks in any given area and they all have different features. young children tend to love doing new and different things, even if it's just a different slide then last week.

  2. Find nature walks or easy hiking trails.

    If you live in a less urban are, there can be many hiking trails and national parks nearby. Some national parks host nature walks for children and adults to take together. If there are no trails or national parks near you, create your own. Find different trees and leaves to identify (you can use your smartphone to do this if you don't know all the names), or even bugs!

  3. Take a trip to the zoo.

    It may be a bit pf a trip to get to the nearest zoo, but it is always worth it. There is so much to see and do, that it can be an entire day of fun for you and your young one.

    And don't forget about petting zoos (bring hand wipes or sanitizer) and aquariums, too!

  4. Become a pirate on a hunt for treasure.

    Make a simple treasure map, hide some age-appropriate prizes in a box where "x marks the spot" and help your little one read the map to get to the treasure. This one can be done over and over and it stays fun as long as the treasure is varied each time.

  5. Make some messy art.

    Finger (or foot) painting is always lots of fun. Just be sure to account for the mess it will make. There are also many other artsy activities for children, all depending on age and ability.

  6. Dream big in dress up clothes.

    Help your little princess or superhero (or any other person your child wishes to be) find a great costume using whatever you can find around the house. Ask them what they think that person would do during the day, and act it out with them.

  7. Build a secret hideout.

    Gather any spare blankets and pillows and build a fort with them. Building can be tiring work, so afterwards reading a book or watching a movie in the fort might sound great to your young one.

  8. Make a musical instrument.

    Make a drumkit out of pots, pans, or containers. Or make a guitar out of a tissue box and rubber bands. Make a completely new instrument out of anything lying around. Pretend you are on stage and rock out!

  9. Have a dance party.

    Let your child help pick some fun music and dance until you drop. It's good exercise for everyone involved.

  10. Go on an adventure in a faraway land.

    You can travel anywhere in your imagination. Trek through the jungle, avoiding any dangerous animals you may encounter. Journey through the desert on your trusty camel in search of water. Climb the highest mountains and battle a blizzard. Ask your child where they would like to go, and have fun getting there!

#1: Going to locals parks is a great option. It gets you and your child outside and having fun. There are plenty of ways to get some exercise. You and your child may even meet a new friend!