The best gyms in my opinion

Published: September 23, 2014

This is about the top 10 gyms in califorina. Gym will be ranked by location, affordabilty and just all around gym amazingness, Don't worry I'm just writing off of reviews I read I actually been to these gyms.

  1. Hollywood Boxing Gym


    Just a few blocked from the ever so popular Hollywood Blvd in holywood, Califorina. This gym is a gym goers dream come true with up to date eqiupment, and amazing classes that include boxing,a wide choice of other enjoyable classes that will also whip you into shape. So next time you're in hollywood and need to get a workout in, be sure to check out Hollywood boxing gym. Did I mention that the equipment has built in TVs. You can find this gym at 1551 N. La Brea Ave, Hollywood, Califorina (323)845-1420. I can't wait to see you guys in the ring.

  2. UFC gym Corona

    This gym is one of my personal choices to workout, since it's only about three miles from my house. UFC gym corona is quicky becoming one the inland empire go to place to get fit. Most of my friends attend this gym not just because of the name, but with a friendly staff, great  equipment, incredible MMA classes, three different membership types so it's extremely affordable no matter your level of income. My personal favorite feature this gym has is fight nights, which is where they show major UFC pay per views on the gym tvs. You find this gym at 470 N. McKinley St, Corona, Calforina. 951-808-3850

  3. Fitness 19 Riverside

    You're probably shocked to see a fitness 19 on a list of top gyms, but don't sell fitness 19s short, They are straight up gyms nothing special, no saunas, no steam rooms, no over the top gimmicks. You get free weights, cardio and machines for around 10-12 dollars a monthsprobably the cheapest gym on this list. As long as you come in with your head on your shoulders right and motivated to reach your goals you don't need any of those over the top features. I love the staff here, very friendly and helpful. The gym is located on La sierra in Riverside Ca.

  4. 24 hour fitness Corona

    This is the first gym I ever workout, I'd made so many muscle gains and loss much fat here. It holds a very special place in my heart it's where I started my fitness journey helping me lose over 100lbs , the staff is probably one of the best in Califorina, the price is very affordable and they are more than willing to help you out if you can't afford it. A endless line up of cardio machines and a section of free weights that Arnold himself wouldn't know what to with, there's also a pool, baskeball court and sauna. This gym is located in Corona, Califorina.

  5. Asylum Gym L.A., Pasadena

    Asylum Gym is where I feel like all the fitness legends would workout, the gym is located in the basement of a restarunt, It is privately owned and very affordable, they priorly offer group fitness classes, with six or less people. The gym was opened by Herman Baptise an Olympian. The gym's made foucs is strength trainng and yoga sessions, The gym also offer Lunchtime session that last 30 minutes and are extremely intense. The gym is located at 87 frazer ally, pasadena Calforina.. I suggest if you're looking for something affordable that you don't have to commit to this is the gym for you.

  6. Equinox, Santa Monica

    Probably the most controversial Gym on this list due to their "are you skinny fat" campaige and their sell your kidney and buy an ipad tagline, but you can't keep a good gym down, not very affordable if you're in the low middle class, but if you can afford this place you will become quicky addicted to the incredible equipment and it's extremely clean everything with over 100 classes a week and a beachfront location it's well worth the price if not there are cheaper choices on this list that are just as good. Located at 201 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica Califorina.

  7. Breakthru Fitness, Pasadena

    A very morden gym with all the perks of the big chains gym and no where near the price, Breakthru fitness is owned by a couple named Phill and Michelle Dozoirs. This is the place to find 75 different cardio and spin classes during the week, free towel service is offered, the showers are so of the most clean I've ever seen at a gym, the people are extremely friendly and the equipment is state of the art those reasons alone should be more than enough to check out this mom and pop gym located at 345 S. Lake ave in Pasadena, Califorina.

  8. Embody Pole Fitness

    Don't ever let anyone tell you that pole dancing isn't a way to get fit, My girlfriend actually made me try some of the pole moves out, Me being a big guy couldn't keep up with these ladies. Embody fitness changes the mold of fitness by combining exotic dancing with pole tricks , floor moves and wide choice of rountines, anyone is welcome doesn't matter size or age as long as you're a woman. They just don't offer pole fitness though, so ladies check give them a try, this gym is located at 1535 E. Ontario ave in Corona Califorina

  9. Gold’s Gym West Covina

    The king of all gyms, the place of legend. Ladies and gents I give you gold's gym, It's not the Venice location that Arnold trained at in the golden age of bodybuilding, but it's a pretty good gym none the less. The equipment and the gym itself are kept extremely nice and clean, the staff is one of the nicest in Califorina. Everyone in this gym is about their business meaning you won't find people texting and holding up machines, the offer the works like anyother major chain gym. So if you're looking for a serious gym I suggest this place. which is located in West Covina at 502 plaza dr

  10. Gold's gym Venice



    There's a reason people from around the world come to this gym. The bodies, the knowlege, the personality, the trainers and just the feeling of knowing you are lifting, and the place where legends in the bodybuilding and fitness world became legends.. The staff is incredible, the price is affordable, you never know who is going to walk in, it's a place of beauty, great equipment, great location, serious gym goers only. This gym will change your world.

I guess in closing just go out and find the gym that is right for you, and I hope that my list will help you in your decision.