My favorite list of favorite board/card games

Published: September 20, 2014

These are my favorite games to play.  These can be either card games or board games.  Some of these are my favorite not only because they are fun to play, but because they can be played by yourself or with a group.   I rate these board games on the enjoyment I get to play them and with one exception, the enjoyment of other people wanting to join with me.

  1. Monopoly

    Since I was young, I have always enjoyed playing Monopoly.  Unfortunately, you do need two people for Monopoly so I don't get to play it that often.  You can play it by yourself and just play two people but it is not that fun.  It is number one of my list because it will always be my favorite game. 

  2. Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Card Game

    I just recently started playing this game.  To see it as number two should show just how much fun it is.   I was a little hesitant on the game at the beginning because I am not very big on RPG (Role Playing Games) where you are expected to role play.  This game is not like the role playing game it is based off of.  It still uses the same villians and heroes but there is no required role playing.  It is also fun because you can play it by yourself using one hero or more heroes if you really want to.  You can also play it with friends. 

  3. Settlers of Catan

    I like this game because it is a little harder to win.  You have to strategize the game but there is also an element of luck.  If you don't get to go first, or someone else blocks your moves, it can cause your best laid plans to go to waste.  I sometimes think of this as my grown up monopoly.  This has to be played with at least three people which makes it a little harder to play. 

  4. Ticket to Ride

    It's funny how a lot of my favorite games are games I only started playing in the last few years.  This game can be played by two peopple.  It is a strategy game where you have to build trains to travel across places in America.  It is interesting to see what kind of routes you can come up with and it really helps to set in just how train travel is like.  You can play this game with two people. 

  5. Phase 10

    Phase 10 is an amazing card game.   You can play it 2-4 people.  It is really nice if you are having a slow day at work or what I do, add it as an app on your phone and play against the computer.  I got hooked on phase 10 by a friend over 8 years ago and I still enjoy the game.  You have 10 phases and each phase has a specific task.  There are even ways you can play Phase 10 to make it harder and provide yourself with more of a challenge. 

  6. Fluxx

    The best part about the Fluxx Card Game Series - is just that, the word series.  There are all different kinds of Fluxx games available.  You can be a pirate, act like Monty Python or even be environmentally friendly with Eco Fluxx. 

    My personal favorite flux is Star Fluxx.  As a big sci fi/fantasy nerd it is really fun to see all of the different references.

  7. World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit

    This is a personal favorite of mine because of how much it combines two things i really enjoy.  It combines the lore and history of World of Warcraft and the fun and challenge of Trivial Pursuit.  The game is current to World of warcraft mists of Panderia but you need at least two people to play.  Make sure to find your equally nerdy friend and challenge each other to some very specific Trivial Pursuit.

  8. Scene It

    Like the Fluxx games, there are a lot of different options of Scene It you can play.  The base line is this is a game where you need a DVD player and a TV to play.  You need at least two players but in this one, the more the merrier . If you get more than four to six players, you can start divding into teams.  There are scene its for Star Trek, Turner Classic Movies, movies, Disney and even a boy versus girl. 


  9. Logo The Board Game

    This is a fun and kind of sad game all combined in one.  In this game, you are asked questions as you move across the board.  These questions are all about logos and brands of items from the last forty years or so.   It really makes you realize just how important advertising can be. 

  10. Pop 5 Board Game

    This is a really fun game with a large group of people.  You can do anything from Charades to singing along for a clue.  A lot of the clues can be silly but it's fun to see how far you are willing to go to get the extra points.  I'm a huge fan of Charades so when I'm playing against friends they always put charades really low which makes me so angry. 

    One of my only complaints about the game is that it was released with very few cards and (though I'm not sure why) there was never any additional cards added to the game.  So once you play it through three or four times, you have essentially gone through all of the cards and the game gets kind of stale at that point.

Even though it was number 2, Rise of the Runelords Card Game is slowly coming to be my favorite game.  There are so many different characters you can play and so many different adventures and scenarios.  My only bad side is that it does cost a little bit to get started playing it but it is well worth every penny invested.