TV Couples You Love to Ship

Published: September 19, 2014

So who isn't binging on video streaming services these days, seriously? I'm not innocent of that, and today I bring you tension-filled, anxiety inducing, hearthrobbing couples you can't help but LOVE to ship! 

  1. Captain Hook and Emma Swan- Once Upon A Time

    If you've indugled in this show, you know that everything about Hook and Emma screams tension. Hook is the man with an excessive inclination to flirting, sarcastic wit, manipulative ways, and plenty of charm and Emma is the dignified, distant, sassy lady. Ever since the first introduction of Hook to Emma, there has been an air of sexual tension floating around the two between his playful jabs and openly dirty remarks. Sometimes they're ready to kill each other, but don't let that fool you! Let's just say- Hook may be a total jerk, but he sure knows how to take charge- that's why our Dear (piss-us-off-alot) Captain Hook and Emma Swan take the cake for best ship! 

    (Pun possibly intended (; too bad there isn't a cool name for them!)


  2. Castiel and Dean Winchester "Destiel"- Supernatural

    A very notorious shipped couple- who doesn't love an angel in a trenchcoat? Dean seems to be no exception! You know that guy that vehemently denies his emotion other than anger, rugged and tough, boasts of his female encounters, relentlessy flirts, is always throwing around movie and music references, and never ceases to be a smart-a**? Well, that's Dean.

    But when Castiel and Dean meet, Castiel is immediately loyal to him (selflessly, unexpectedly so) and defies his order. Point blank, these two are ride-or-die for each other and put so much trust in one another, even though they've continually been let down by everyone they ever cared about. One of the only times Dean is notably grieving and singing to love tunes is related to could we NOT ship it? Not to mention Castiel is about the only person Dean opens up to and definitely one of the only characters he platonically gives some suspiciously sexual glances towards...


  3. Stiles Stilinski and Malia Hale "Stalia"- Teen Wolf

    Many have reserves on this- lots of people ship Stiles and another male character, Derek (an equally wonderful ship), but this is a new brooding romance. Malia and Stiles are both the awkward ones out that have strange ways of communicating. Aside from that, they're totally opposite. Malia likes to be in control, and well, let's face it....Stiles is a big softy who needs direction. Malia's tendency to take care and control of Stiles brings out this less awkward, incredibly loving and tender side of Stiles. And Stiles helps Malia feel emotions (that's a big step). It is such a win! 


  4. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson "Johnlock"- Sherlock Holmes

    Oh come on- don't be surprised! There was no way that this one was slipping past us! Our dear John Hamish Watson and Mister Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is a "highly functioning sociopath" (*wink* for those who watch the show) and accepts almost no one...except for John.  There is literally only one other person in Sherlock's life where he feels an sort of emotional reaction to. One of the only people who he bothers wasting his precious genius thoughts on. No one. This relationship is almost undeniable and viewers have been yearning for it since the very start, myself included.  


  5. Merlin and Arthur Pendragon "Merthur"- Merlin

    Last but not least, a show that is dear to my heart- BBC's Merlin. A take on the classic story of King Arthur, and very well told. Both characters are delightful and lovely. You might know, Merlin becomes Arthur's servant. And though Arthur is bred to be tough and unemotional like his father, Merlin becomes his best friend whom he can sometimes let his guard down to. This ship radiates mostly from Merlin's end, being that he often has very longing looks of Arthur, knows when he's feeling down, tells Arthur like it is. Though he doesn't have much choice anyway, Merlin dedicates his life to Arthur and puts him first every minute of every day. And Arthur very much cares for his servant, defying his father and risking his life at times. This ship has a lot less hinting, but just as much adoration. Arthur and Merlin really draw each other out and that's something we all love to watch unfold. Merthur is undeniably adorable and we so wish it could have become something!


It's a heavy subject, I know. Your heart should now be exploding with warmth- you're welcome! Since I fully expect Destiel, Johnlock, and Stalia to continue to be present- Hook and Emma have the right to currently remain as the top ship while they can. But maybe not for long as the new seasons of Supernatural and Teen Wolf will soon make their appearance...are you ready?