10 Best Websites for Paleo Recipes

Published: September 17, 2014

Are you wanting to follow a Paleo diet, but don't want to buy a recipe book that is mostly full of recipes you would never eat and a only few that you would?  Well you don't need to!  There are many online resources that allow you to find the millions of recipes that work for you!  Here is a list of the top 10 locations to find Paleo recipes on the internet...

  1. paleogrubs.com

    Paleo Grubs not only lists their very own recipes, they also share the recipes of all the other paleo websites out there.  My personal favorite section in this website is paleogrubs.com/paleo-diet-recipes.  This is a list of the 100 best paleo diet recipes of all-time.  I have never made something off this list that isn't amazing.  The main recipe section linked at the top of the page is also fantastic.  Each recipe comes with an image and a great description.  If there is something you are looking to make... this website has it.  I really recommend that you check it out!

  2. paleoleap.com

    This website is great when you know what type of food you want and need ideas because the recipes are broken up by category.  For example, if you are feeling fish tonight, you can select the "seafood" category and find a recipe that sounds delicious without wading through a ton of other chicken and steak recipes first. 

    It is also great when you have specific dietary needs in addition to the Paleo diet because you have the ability to browse by topic.  As you know, the Paleo diet allows for dairy consumption, but I am allergic to dairy.  There is a topic titled, "Diet: Dairy-Free" just for me!

  3. nomnompaleo.com

    While I find nom nom paleo's website a little more difficult to navigate, her recipes are AMAZING!  Michelle Tam has won many awards and is mentioned by almost every book and website introducing the Paleo diet.  Simply click on the link titled "Recipe Index" and read through the linked recipes.  While she doesn't include pictures of each and every recipe linked, you can see them if you actually open it. 

    One recipe in particular that you should definitely check out is the one for Paleo Mayonnaise.  While mayo has very few ingredients, it is VERY easy to screw it up and end up with a watery mess.  Good luck!

  4. civilizedcavemancooking.com

    If you love comfort food and bacon... this is the paleo recipe website for you.  This blog is written by George Bryant, the New York Times Best Selling author of The Paleo Kitchen, and his food is fantastic.  I also love that his recipes are not full of extra wording and fluff, they are straight to the point!  My only complaint is that there are not more recipes to choose from!  Enjoy!

  5. thehealthyfoodie.com

    Are you in need of a good dessert or appetizer? This is always my first stop! The healthy foodie has plenty of amazing recipes for all types of meals, but her appetizers and desserts are to die for! The bacon wrapped jalapeno's and varieties of meatballs are a staple at every party I host. Her website is also very easy to navigate making recipes easy to find. I hope you enjoy!

  6. lexiscleankitchen.com

    I love Lexi's recipes!  Her breakfast foods are delicious and that's just the beginning.  The only reason that Lexi is not higher on my list is that not all of her recipes are paleo-friendly, although most are.  You simply need to look for the paleo-friendly logo at the top of the recipe and you are good to go!  Otherwise, this website is easy to navigate, recipes are superb, and her instructions are on point!  I hope you enjoy Lexi's Clean Kitchen as much as I do.

  7. everydaypaleo.com

    Everyday Paleo is a great family friendly blog. As with any blog, searching through the recipes is time consuming, but the recipes offered through Everyday Paleo are worth the extra scrolling and clicking. The food is absolutely fantastic, and the stories that accompany them are worth reading. If you do nothing else, check out the super bowl chicken... YUM!

  8. stupideasypaleo.com

    Stupid Easy Paleo is great because the recipes are never overly complex or have too many ingredients.  Their website, however, is not my favorite.  It has ads and utilizes flash which makes it impossible to see on my iPad or iPhone.  I also do not like that the recipe links do not come with photographs.  Although it is not my favorite website, I do find a lot of recipes here that I really enjoy, so I wanted to make sure it was included in the list. 

  9. paleOMG.com

    While this woman has some great recipes, this website is my least favorite out of them all! If you have patience and a little time (it took each link 20 seconds to load), you can go through her recipe blogs to find some really tasty things to eat while following a Paleo diet. When you finally do get to a recipe you want to make, one great thing is that she has step by step pictures and explanations that make cooking a breeze.  So when you have some time to kill, check this one out!

  10. thepaleodiet.com


    This website is created by the man who made the Paleo diet movement what it is today, Dr. Loren Cordain. While the recipe section is small, it is easy to navigate because there are categories and pictures with every recipe. Also, everything tastes great. While this isn't my first stop when I need a new recipe, it is definitely worth taking a look.

Buying cookbooks is expensive and takes up a lot of room on your kitchen counter.  Not to mention you probably only use 10 or 15 recipes out of each book, depending on your tastes.  The ten websites above will give you access to millions of recipes from which you can choose your favorites. 

I prioritized this list from my most favorite online resource to my least, but each and every one of these websites/blogs are great.  So take some time, review each of them yourself, and build your own opinions.  It's time for you to build your own Paleo cookbook!