10 games/series to try out.

Published: September 17, 2014

This list will try to widen your horizon by showing you many different types of games/series to play with and decide if it's something you want to get behind. It wont go in any specific order, so the numbering system won't apply.

  1. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise


    We're going to start this list off strong with one of my all time favorite franchises, stalker. Based off of a book with the same name the stalker trilogy throws you into a post apocalyptic Rusia, where you play as a stalker, the best of the best when it comes to survivng in the wasteland. Now why these games are so special is because they give you a realistic feel to the end of the world and FPS games in one swing. Unlike other shooters where your health regenerates in this series when you get shot you have to bandage yourself up before you bleed to death. You have to keep an eye on your character's hunger and thirst, even lack of sleep will affect you. The combat is incredibly fun, every gun fight has you wondering if you'll make it out and constantly have you trying to get the upper hand on your enemy. Speaking of which let's talk about the people in the game. You have of course different factions filled with humans willing to do whatever the cost to survive, some friendly to you, others would rather see your head on a spike. Then you have the non-humans. There are wild animals that roam the wasteland looking for their next meal which hopefully wont be you. To top it all off you've got mutants; people and creatures who are downright scary, i mean Amnesia: the dark descent, scary. 

    To sum it up, you have an open world FPS with verry gritty gun fight, endless missions and amazing atmosphere. i could go on forever about the series honestly. 

    Also if the open world questing aspect doesn't sound like your cup of tea there's the Metro 2033 games. set in the same universe and playing just like stalker but with a linear story you can't go wrong.

    To start in the stalker series you begin with S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl.

  2. The Elder Scrolls

    Open world, tons of lore, infinite quest, too much loot to collect and a modding community that just won't quit, the Elder Scrolls are one of the best RPGs to date. Wether you are playing Arena or Skyrim you'll be having a blast with the just infinite possibilities at your finger tips. Now a warning, if you wish to try Skyrim on pc it can be a bit demanding on the graphics side but if are able to run it you wont regret it.

    The series has always been rich in the lore area, so much that an anthology was released. Yup, that much. So if you love playing games to be engrossed in the world Elder Scrolls are for you. 

    Also there's almost nothing more fun than being able to slice up your enemies with a sword at close range, pick them off with a bow from afar or just rain fire with magic. It definitely offers a variety of combat styles, more than you'd get from other games.


    Now on to the stories, you already know you're in for a good story when you see the Bethesda logo appear on your screen, their games hold some of our favorite campaigns. Wether you are fighting dragons to keep the peace or trying to join a guild for the perks you just can't help but feel you're experiencing greatness. And if you get tired of the main story go off and make your own legacy in the world, there are more than enough side quest for that.


    If i had to give a game to start the series on it would be Skyrim for the new fast paced action and fun leveling system, or if you want to go retro there's Arena the first game.

  3. The Sims

    So i've never been too fond of simulators and i never understood the hype of The Sims. Until a friend made me try the Sims 3. Next thing i know it was the next day and my family had gone on to live a very happy life while i was sleep depraved. It may not sound fun to live another family's life but let me tell you as a former non-believer it is the best. getting to decide how their life unfolds and determine who they become is just such a good feeling. It's also very relaxing surprising enough, I always felt so serene while playing. But be warned ahead of time it may just suck you in. 


    Without a doubt the best game to start with is the sims 3. It's got the best of the previous 2 and none of the crap of the 4th.

  4. Tropico

    So you might guess that someone who wasn't into simulators might nit like city builders either. Well you're right. Normally i can't play a city builder for mroe than a few minutes before not caring and leaving, that includes the Civ series and Simcity. But one day i was at a yardsale when i saw the first tropico for fifty cents. i decided that a game so well praised must be worth at least fifty cents. I haven't looked back since.

    This game has a certain feature you don't see in most city builders...what was it...oh yea, dictatorship. The word democracy isn't in the Tropic vocabulary. You play as a dictator you create, then run the isalnd how you want. You can play it safe and listen to the people and create a porsperous state in which every person is happy and with home. Or you can choose to make a state that others will refer to as the Juggernaut State, with your advanced military and citizens so loyal for fear of execution they don't dare speak up. I for one prefer the latter. But be warned, with an unhappy isalnd comes many revolts and milatias.

    Tropico is a great game to just play around with, not too hard on your pc and not too hard to learn. Definitely worth your time. 

    The one I'd reccomend to start with is the 1st game; Tropico. Even the first is fun as hell and the games only get better, so when you get done with the first you can go to the next and feel the improvements.

  5. The Legend of Zelda

    Without a doubt my favorite game series of all time. The only series that could compete would be the Monster Hunter franchise. But let's focus on this.

    Where to start? First off we have the story, there's so much story that it was split in to 3 timelines. 3! Now if you want to learn all three story lines your'e best off reading about it from Nintendo, most gaming theorist will make you question reailty more than explain the game. It's a simple formula really: the princess/world is in peril and for some reason only Link (the main character) can stop it. May not sound like much but wow if they can't pull it off every time. 

    Now if you want a game that looks a bit childish but is more grown up than just about every game you have Wind Waker. Or if you prefer a darker look into the world of Hyrule you've got Twilight Princess. Or if you just want some 8 bit graphics thrown in your face there's the original two, the first is a top down adventure game where the second was a sides crolling RPG. THIS SERIES COVERS ALL THE BASES. 

    On to the description. The combat has differed through the years, starting with the first few where you slashed at an enemy from a top down view (or side scrolling) now while this worked great Nintendo set the ground for almost every game to follow with Ocarina of Time. You were now able to lock on and see your enemy up close while you slahed them to bits. You felt more part of the action because you were the one blocking each blow, you were the one countering each attack, it's  the best. 

    I don't want to drag on too long because i would like you to finish the list. so let's summarize.

    Every game looks and sounds amazing, each plays better than the last and i just can't stress enough how much fun it is to adventure out on these adventures. 

    The best game to start in is without a doubt is Ocarina of Time. seriously, this is a can't go wrong choice.

  6. Pokemon


    I dont even know if i should go into detail onthis one. There is just no way you couldn't have already taken notice to the millions of fans around the world. Ranging from young to old.

    You start off as a child in a small village when you get tasked with a simple enough objective, so you set off for the world. A world filled with pokemon of course. You collect them, you train them, you battle them, you form relationships with them. Pokemon will make you care about all the pokemon you bring along on your adventure.

    While unfourtanetly to play them you must have a portable console or emulator it does turn off some fans but it is worth it. This game has probably sucked more hours out of me on the first run through than any other. 

    The best game to start on is Pokemon red/blue. The original was amazing and getting to know all of the original pokemon before going on to meet tons of new ones is nice.

  7. Garry's Mod

    I don't care what type of video game you like there's something for you in Garry's Mod. Enough said.

  8. Company of Heroes

    RTS games are always a lot of fun, wether you play them competively or casually like me. Now the thing that makes an RTS good is if it's fun while also simple to pick up, which Company of Heroes is. The two games in the series have a fun story with an even more fun multiplayer where you can choose to take on a friend or take down an army with them. Either way you'll feel like a real general when your plan comes together and you see your enemy fall. Other times you'l blame it on the AI when your plan falls apart. It's an emotional rollercoaster.

    Start with the first. 

  9. Orcs Must Die!

    Everyone loves a good tower defense from time to time. People also love a comical third person shooter. Orcs Must Die! manages to clash the two together for a lot of fun. Start with the 2nd. it has co-op. 

  10. Realm of the Mad God

    This game is a super addicting top down shooter rpg. also it's free. AND it's online co-op. there isn't a story line and there's a perma death system but you won't care because once you get hooked on the game nothing else matters. wether you want to play for a few minutes or a few days this game's got you covered. going at it solo can be toiught but using the aid of your friends or people you meet along the way is reccomended. 

So there you have it! My ten games/series you should at least try out. Hope you get hooked on at least one.

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