Top 3 Tulsa Home Service Companies

Published: September 16, 2014

As a homeowner in Tulsa I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of contractors and service companies. These three companies stood out the most, demonstrating a quality product and excellent service. Check them out today!

  1. Bulwark Exterminating

    I highly recommend Bulwark exterminating. We have used them for about a year and have had excellent results. They will even come between scheduled visits for free if bugs come back.  We have been experiencing some problems with spiders so we called them to help. Dustin was here the very next day and did a great job. Very professional, friendly, and courteous. They are the BEST!


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  2. Williams Plumbing & Drain Service

    We had our sewer back-up on us. Jason was the first tech on-site to troubleshoot. He was very professional and arrived called me before arriving. He could not get the line cleared, so he requested that a water jet be brought out. Carl was onsite within the hour with the water jet or something and a camera, and they found the issue was a broken pipe out near the sidewalk. They thoroughly explained the situation and my options. We moved forward with the entire sewer replacement, in addition to a new water line at the same time. When they dug up the connection at the sidewalk, they also determined that both neighbors were connected at that location. We talked both neighbors into replacing their lines as well, to eliminate the hassle of having to dig up our front yard again in the future.  The crew were very courteous and made sure to communicate everything that was happening and answer any questions we had about the process. Joe went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with their services, tying in daily to explain where they were in the process and what was left to be done. I definitely will recommend Williams to my friends and family. We plan to have more pluming work done in our house this fall, and I will be calling Williams.


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  3. Thousand Woods Floor Company

    Thousand Woods did a beautiful job with my hardwood floors.  I live in a smaller, older house that had been carpeted for 40 years or more. When ripping out the nasty old carpet, I discovered the original hardwoods underneath were filthy and discolored but would be really nice if restored.  Not only did Thousand Woods restore the originals, they matched the wood to an area that was added on and finished it to where you can't even tell it was a different product.  All for a price that I could afford.  The job was completed on time and Steve was great to stay in touch about the progress.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results.