Best Austin Household Service Companies

Published: September 16, 2014

As a homeowner in Austin I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of contractors and service companies. These three companies stood out the most, demonstrating a quality product and excellent service. Check them out today!

  1. Bulwark Pest Control

    We have been having issues with sugar ants for some time. I have heeded to the fact that they never will never go away and that all you can do is maintian a good barrier of defense. I called Bulwark Exterminating last year when the sugar ant problem flared up. Since then there hasn't been a problem, until recently. I called Bulwark out and was greeted by Efraen Garcia. He was very friendly, I pointed out the problem areas and not only did he spray those areas but other areas as well that he saw could be problems in the future. I really appreciate that as these sugar ants are smart little suckers and find any little nook and cranny they can to get to my kitchen. I defintely recommend Bulwark! Check them out

  2. Patriot Pool & Spa

    Patriot has been servicing our pool for a year and we have been extremely satisfied with their work.  

    I don't know anything about pools, nor do I want to.  I just want my pool to be clean and clear every day, and not worry about the upkeep involved with trying to accomplish that.  That is exactly what I get from Patriot.  They have provided a full service that allows me to enjoy my pool to its fullest and not be bothered with the upkeep.  Perfect for what I want.

    We were having a pool party one weekend and needed the pool to be fully operational.  Unfortunately, our filter went out Friday evening.  I emailed Hal that same evening and explained that we were having difficulties and if he could take a look when it was getting serviced next week, I would appreciate it.  Instead of making me wait until it was supposed to get serviced, Hal was on my doorstep Saturday morning, taking a look at the pool to get it fixed for our party so it was 100%.

    I have recommended these guys to anyone that asks about my pool and why it is so clear. Check them out

  3. JW Tree & Land Service

    We hired Jason and his team to do routine maintenance of our many trees. We were very satisfied with the service because:  (1) They answered my call and came out promptly to give me a free estimate. (2) They scheduled the work to start in a couple of days and showed up when they said they would. (3) They were judicious in what they cut. Of course they trimmed dead wood and suckers, but were conservative when it came to cutting live limbs. (4) They communicated with me throughout the process. When it came to trimming branches near the front of our house, they asked if we preferred it cut to this degree or that. Did we want to leave this branch or not. (5) They use one small team that has been with them for years, and the work is properly supervised. (6) Their workers were polite and cleaned up our property completely before declaring the job complete. Only then did they ask for payment. I highly recommend this business and would use them again. Reach them at