Best Las Vegas Household Service Companies

Published: September 15, 2014

As a homeowner in Vegas I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of contractors and service companies. These three companies stood out the most, demonstrating a quality product and excellent service. Check them out today!

  1. Bulwark Pest Control


    I LOVE Bulwark ... we've had issues with scorpions in my home for three years now and have had a few services before we found Bulwark. I love that if I need them to come out for a follow up after my regular visit they schedule it quickly and come out ASAP. They are great at accommodating me and my schedule and come at hours that are great for me. Very, very pleases with Bulwark AND the wonderfully professional and thorough technician Maze Tufele. He is GREAT. Check them out

  2. Precision Plumbing

    My mother was alone when a pipe busted out side and mother called Precision Plumbing and they sent out Paul, who looked at what was wrong and gave mother a breakdown of what had to be done and at what cost. It was in no time flat that the problem was fixed, he was very much kind and so knowledgeable at what he was doing. I would so recommend him to my friends and family, not only for their services but also the way they handle the customers, top notch!

  3. Affordable Flooring & More

    The entire team from owners to installers are great people. It is VERY rare that you find a company that truly cares about customer satisfaction, and in this case does outstanding tile work. Travis and Lisa were very helpful with advice and coordinating our install with our loan closing and move in date. It was also a pleasure dealing with Gomez for scheduling and touchup work.

    We can't express how happy we are with the outcome. The tile looks EXACTLY like marble, but we paid 1/8th the price, and it only took a few days to complete! When Travis provides dates, they are pretty accurate with no b.s. 

    Prior to the installers completing their work, Lisa contacted us to do a walkthrough with them as they wanted to personally ensure we were satisfied. We were surprised that the owners themselves conducted the final inspection. 

    In the end we had a great experience from start to finish and definitely plan to use them for future plans. Check them out at