11 WWII important events you must see

Published: September 9, 2014

World War II is also known as the Second World War and it involved a military and economical collision of multiple super powers such as Nazi Germany, U.S.A., Soviet Union, Japan, UK. Amongst these central powers there existed puppet/allied states to one of the sides.

The axis inclined states 




Allied inclined main states were 


 New Zealand
 South Africa

Blood and tears were shed, people lost their famillies, homes, jobs and elders will think about the past with fear and regret. The war had such a big impact on our history that it is hard to focus on a single moment that happened. We'll explore this dark part of the history with a few significant pictures.

  1. A cold soviet night in 1943

    WWII wasn't only a fight with others, it was also a fight with fear itself created. In this picture we could see multiple negative factors WWII had on the humanity. We can see the authority of the soviet russian soldier on the right that was put on a poor, cold citizen in the suburbs of Moscow.


    Trivia: The gun the soviet in the picture used is the legendary PPSh-41.

  2. Flag over Reichstag 1945

    Probably the most historic moment of the Second World War was raising the Red flag over the Reichstag in Berlin. The flag was anchored by the soviet soldier Yevgeny Khaldei. The photograph got a huge succes from the beginning and it was reprinted as communist propaganda. This has to be the most historic moment of the history.

  3. Dark art by the germans

    This picture may be considered an art piece. All 4 germans symbolise a typology. The far left holds a canister of gas which may be used to incinerate the victim, the getaway let's say. The guy holding the gun shows an expression of disgust and is similar to our #1 picture, let's call him the assasin. The 3rd guy may be considered the witness of this sacrifice.

    The 4th guy got the style; the leather gloves, the goggles. 

    I guess that even killing is a form of art.


  4. Allied bomber over the Pyramids of Giza


    A place you probably visited today. It was also visited by the liberation side 70 years ago. Enjoy the view!

    Trivia: During World War 1 and World War 2, the surroundings of the Pyramids hosted australian troops. ANZAC or Australian New Zealand Armed Corps were used to the harsh hot condition desert areas offered. They took advantage of that and proceeded along the Mediteranean Sea, west side.

  5. D-Day 1944

    One of the most shocking event in the history also called "the last day" or "debarcation day". Navy seals troops debarked in the wrong spot and were killed by the german heavy machine-guns. With the help of battleship artillery and outnumbering the germans, they liberated the beach with heavy casualties on both sides. 

    Films and video games are made even today 70 years after the tragic event. For example, a good film I recommend for everyone is "Saving Private Ryan". The main role is played by Tom Hanks and it reveals the drama soldiers lived. The video game involving the D-Day scene is "Medal of Honor Allied Assault".

  6. A fly over Pacific

    Fight over the Pacific was mainly sea and air. Japan seized a lot of islands in the Pacific and the allies had a mission to clear them with minimum casualties. It was a hard job for USA but in the end they managed to do it.

    The Pacific Ocean had to be liberated. We can observe an allied fighter squadron on their way to attack enemy carriers.

    We can also see nice blue layers consisting in the clouds, the sea, the planes

  7. Operation Market Garden

    Belligerents of this battle were Poland, UK, USA and Nazi Germany.

    Huge operation planned by Montgomery and other allied generals. Their mission was to liberate Netherlands-Belgium Rin from the nazis in order to transport more resources along the river. The operation was a succes but the allied troops suffered heavy casualties compared to the nazi forces. Over 19000 troops from the both sides may never returned home.

    This picture is absolutely overwhelming. Look at the sky! It is filled by airbornes and planes. The photograph deserve a medal only for the image he took.

    The moment has drawn so much attention that video games and movies are still made today.

  8. The last picture of this plane

    A plane without a wing is a dead plane. As you can see the allied bomber took heavy damage into its left wing and engines. There are bullet holes everywhere! The crew suffered a drama with this situation. Who knows if the crew actually jumped out and activated their chutes to safety? Who knows if they died in the dogfight or burned by the gas tanks? It is clearly a mistery. But you know what is also a mistery? Who knows if the plane who took the picture is still intact? Maybe it got destroyed 5 minutes after, or 3 hours, or never... It is indeed a mistery.

  9. Drops of humanity in a cold war

    Even if the war was wrong, cold and bloody, humans still managed to have fun, to socialise, to throw the weapons aside and to enjoy the moment. As the latins say "carpe diem" (live the second/ seize the day). In one of the Sven Hassel's novels it's revealed the way german soldiers lived and it's far from reality. In reality people think all germans were nazis back then and this is wrong. In these novels our protagonists actually hated the nazi regime and they were trying to sabotage it by its rules. They weren't the only german soldiers with this point of view but the main story is focused on Sven and his friends. 

  10. Bombing german Dresden

    Boming of Dresden happened in the final months of the Second World War in the European Theatre of battle. In four raids between 13 and 15 february 1945 over 700 enemy Royal Army Force and over 500 USA Air Forces bombers dropped more than 3900 tons of high explosives and incendiary bombs on the city. 

    Incendiary bombs managed to created a firestorm that destroyed 1600 acres of the city centre. People still argue today if the bombing was justified or not. Some say the city was an industrial target that housed over 100 factories and 45000 workers. Some say the city was sometimes referred to as "Florence on the Elbe".

    It could be an optic illusion after the huge incineration that happened but some people witnessed that the statue cried for a short while after the bombing.


  11. Moon on Planet Earth

    Moon landing looks like a joke compared to this picture. The Second World War revolutionized the ways of battle. People would just stay behind and shoot at each other with large batteries. This is the result after a long artillery fight. In the end nobody is really the winner as permanent damage is dealt to the flora, fauna and inevitably the humans surrounding those areas.

In conclusion, the war was should have never existed. Paradoxally you wouldn't see historic moments that happened and probably without the Second World War we would never have the technology we have today.