What you need for motorcycle touring!

Published: September 9, 2014

Just to give you an idea on what you can take on your motorcycle trips.

I ride a 02 klr 650 myself and I have learned alot during my trips.

Just get out there and ride!

  1. Soft Saddlebags

    You will want to have storage and a pair of saddlebags is well worth the money.

    Soft bags are easy to install and are cheaper but end up providing less room, are easy to steal, and most are not waterproof.

  2. Hard Saddlebags/Panniers

    These are worth the consideration. Basically these are hard bags that can mount to a frame that you install on your bike.

    They are more expensive, but also more secure since hard cases are bolted on or locked onto a bike.

    Since they are hard cases and not made from fabrice the hard cases are more waterproof.

    I like these alot because you can also mod them to hold various other tools.

  3. Top Box or Case

    I am huge fan of a big top box, they are hard cases you mount to the top luggage rack on your bike, having a large one is just sonconvenient and if you can lock it, the case will also keep your larger belongings safe such as a laptop.

    I will definatly say that if you can get one, get one.

    The only real con of this, is the you will need to buy a luggage rack to fit the tail end of your bike.

  4. Duffle bag (easy to find)

    The companies out there ake all kinds of bags for a bike but a simple duffle bag will hold more and with some simple cordage you can attach one to the back of the motorcycle very easily.

    The great thing about this one is that you probably have one in the house someplace already.


  5. Rain gear

    If you are going long distance you will need to get some sort of waterproof clothing to keep you dry, now you dont need a fancy ICON water proof riding suit but you do need something. I use frog toggs and it has worked wonders and at half the price of the 'real' waterproof get ups they sell.

  6. Plastic bags

    These have 101 uses and just take them along. Heck I have even used them as make shift socks to make my boots waterproof.

    Another use is that if you twist them you can use them as cordage or just put things inside them to keep the rain out.

  7. A Multitool

    Do I really need to explain this? It is pretty simple, if things go wrong at least you have a buch of tools in your pocket. Mine has come in handy more times than I can count.


    Get the kind with pliers and tweezers, those come in handy more than you think.

  8. GPS

    You cna use any gps, it does not have to be made for only bikes. I use a car GPS and when it rains I just put it in a plastic lunch bag to keep it dry, you can even still use the touch screen this way.

    Save your cash and just get a cheap reliable one.

  9. Food and water

    This is common sense, yet with motorcycles yu may not be able to carry alot, try to stick to freezed dries foods so you can pack alot and keep your water in a water bladder of just fill soda bottles and stick if in one of yout bags.


    You need these two to live and on a bike you will use way more water than you think.

  10. A buddy

    It is just nice having someone watch your back and make sure to get help if you really need it, plus since humans are social creatures, tips are more fun with friends.

Hope this list helped and I wish you safe travels.