The Best Baby Bottles for Picky Breastfed Babies

Published: September 6, 2014

Many mothers have a difficult time introducing their breastfed baby to the bottle. Whether switching baby to bottles indefinitely or just while away, a new parent needs the baby to be willing & able to take a bottle. Some mothers also would like to switch their baby to the bottle indefinitely and need something the baby will feel comfortable with. Taking into consideration many factors - such as safety & quality of the bottle material, how similar the milk flow is to the breast, how easy the bottle is to clean, and price - I have compiled a list of the five best bottles for a picky baby.

  1. Comotomo

    Yes, these bottles are pricey. At around $12 per bottle, they're usually a last resort of the parent whose baby will take absolutely nothing else. Be that as it may, they're costly for a reason. They're fantastic! Incredibly easy to clean with no extra parts, they feature a neck wide enough to fit your entire hand into, so there is no need for a bottle brush. The entire bottle body is made of medical-grade silicone, which is by-far the safest of the plastics. The bottle is soft and squishy, so squeezing it can simulate the let-down reflex if baby becomes bored or sleepy while eating. The extremely wide neck lends itself to an extremely wide nipple, which is very soft and pliable just like mom's. Of course, the nipple has two vents to help reduce gas. If you still aren't sold, consider this: Comotomo is just about the cutest baby bottle on the market.

  2. Born Free Glass

    Born Free places at number two because they've created a fantastic glass anti-colic bottle which has easy-to-clean venting parts. The anti-colic design really does work, and while the extra parts may take a few minutes of your day to clean, you don't need a special brush to do it. If you pruchase the 3-pack of bottles from Amazon, you'll also get a bonus silicone sleeve to protect the bottle if it's dropped or thrown. The bottles are durable, the parts are high-quality, and the collar fits many wide-neck nipple brands (Mam and Dr. Browns nipples are interchangeable with these bottles), so if your baby prefers a different mouth-feel you can create your own bottle/nipple combo.

  3. Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Natural Flow

    Dr. Browns bottles are by far the most well-known and widely available anti-colic bottle on the market today. These bottles utilize a unique venting system which allows air to enter at the collar, travel down a straw and into the bottom of the bottle, thus completely eliminating the bubbles which are common with other vented bottles. The standard Dr. Browns bottle is very narrow, fitted with a small nipple which is about the furthest you can get from a breast-like feel. Luckily, Dr. Browns does make a wide-neck version which takes a wider, more natural-shaped nipple. The downside to Dr. Browns bottles, as most know, is that they are a huge pain to clean. You need a special brush to get into the nooks & crannies of these bottles, so they should be used only if your baby has a problem with gas.

  4. Mam Anti-Colic

    Mam bottles are the only bottle I've included which feature an orthodontic nipple, but many babies much prefer this style. This unique nipple is somewhat flattened, so it fits baby's mouth more ergonomically. The bottles come in many adorable colors and styles, are relatively easy to clean, and easy to travel with. Mam bottles are bottom-vented, so they let air in from the bottom as baby sucks, eliminating bubbles.

    What really sets these bottles apart, though, is that they are a self-contained sterilization unit. Simply put a little water in the bottom of the bottle, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and it's sterilized! No need for expensive sterilizers or boiling water. Mam bottles are also on the more affordable end, and can be found at retail stores more easily than some of the other bottles on this list.

  5. Avent Natural Glass

    Avent customers have spoken, and Avent has answered. The much-loved bottle company has finally released a glass bottle. Easy to clean, sleek-looking, and durable, this bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This specialized glass is resistant to temperature shock (a must for a baby bottle), and is tempered so that if it should break, it won't shatter into a million tiny pieces. It does have a strange feel to it, however, and the nipple is prone to collapse when the vents malfunction - which they often do. But if you can find the sweet spot (is the collar on too tight or too loose? Who knows!), this bottle is an excellent choice. Babies love the nipple, and it has no extra parts to clean. Avent places lower on the list because, while this bottle is extremely high-quality and baby-friendly, it does have some quirks, is a little pricey, and there isn't a silicone sleeve available for it (crucial for glass baby bottles).

In all, I believe that the best baby bottle currently available is Comotomo's silicone soft-body bottle. When choosing a baby's bottle, it's important to consider the material (which is why it's best to opt for glass if possible), availability, price, convenience, and ease of use. But the most important thing is your baby's preference. Baby bottles are often one decision that they baby makes for you! Which is why it's best to start with the most commonly preferred bottles. Comotomo is by far the most breast-like bottle avialble, which makes it a top-notch place to start for picky babies.