Best Movies of 2014.. SO FAR

Published: September 5, 2014

The best movies of 2014 so far.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The movie has the best all around cast of any movie that has come out this year so far. The story is excellent, told in a way that only Wes Anderson can tell. The direction of this film is amazing, amazing cinematogrophy.

  2. The Lego Movie

    I found this movie to be better than "Frozen." While I understand all the hype around Frozen because it is old school Disney that we all grew up on. I found the story of Lego Movie to hit home because at one point or another we all have issues finding our place in the world and it was a light hearted tale in that aspect. Once we get the end of the movie it is all about acceptance and and building relationships with friends and family.

  3. Her

    Words cannot describe how amazing this movie is. It is set in a believable future where we all can fall in love with our OS (Operating Systems). While OS systems like SIRI make this movie plausable, the way the story is told and presented made this movie stand out. It may seem odd for people to watch this but once you are pulled into this amazing story you have to see it again and again. 

these are the three best movies of the year I think and while it may not be the best list people want all three of these movies deserve a spot on this list.