Best Foods on A Diet

Published: September 4, 2014

I've been on many diets. From diets where I only ate "organic" foods to versians of fruititarianism, I've settled on a diet where I eat as much of the foods I love for as little calories while trying to be healthy. Here are some low cal enjoyable foods I recommend for any dieter. 

  1. Shirataki noodles

    These noodles range from 0 to about 15 calories per serving, and are actually really good. The House Foods Brands are my favorite. I typically get the angel hair variety, and they taste great dry fried. Add a table spoon or two of soy sauce and you have a filling meal for about 50 calories! These are also made of tofu and some other natural plant derivative so they are also good for you!

  2. Sugar Free Jello

    For 10 calories/cup, these are amazing. My favorite flavors are black cherry, strawberry, and cherry pomegranate. Mixed with a few tablespoons of cool whip lite, these make for a really tasty dessert for very little calories. 

  3. Chocolate popsicles

    Everyone craves chocolate so whenever I feel the urge for something rich and sweet, I will have one of popsicle brands chocolate popsicles for only 40 calories per popsicle. They also have a yosicle- chocolate and yogurt combination to give some variety.

  4. Chocolate Jello Pudding

    What's better than chocolate popsicles or regular jello? Chocolate Jello pudding! This is another really great treat for any dieter who has a chocolate fix and they are only 60 calories. My trick is to add some splenda to them to make them a little bit sweeter. 

  5. Asparagus

    Asparagus is really good for you. It flushes out toxins and helps with liver and digestive functioning. It's also really tasty. You can grill it or dry fry it. You can also eat a ton of it without a lot of calories. I personally like it with some balsamic vinegar to give it some extra flavor. 

  6. Diet Snapple

    This stuff is amazing. It's like 5 or 10 calories per bottle, and has green tea in it so it is super filling. It comes in peach and strawberry flavors (my favorite). It is definitely great for anyone on a diet. 

  7. Cheese Sticks

    There's a couple of options when it comes to calorie saving cheese: laughing cow cheese wedges (35 calories), string cheese, cheese sticks, (around 60 calories), and the cheese wedges (babylon?). All of these are great when you have a cheese craving and don't want too many calories. 

  8. Low calorie bread

    40-50 calorie bread slices are so great. You can also toast them, and then put some cheese on for a snack around 80 calories.

  9. Lettuce

    Lettuce is undeniaby healthy, and you can eat a ton of it for very few calories. It tastes great with balsamic or rice vinegar to give it some extra flavor. You can literally eat like 3 cups for under 50 calories so it's really a great snack. 

  10. Cool whip

    I mentioned this earlier in the jello section, but I never realized how great cool whip is until I went on a diet. Mixed with jello you can have a really filling and delicious meal for so few calories. It you cut up ~3cups jello using a fork and mix in like 3 tablespoons of cool whip, it looks kinda funky, but tastes amazing and is only 60 calories for a really big portion!

  11. Almond milk

    30 calories a cup definitely beats regular milk, and mix in some splenda (0 calories) and this stuff is incredible. It can also be used with low cal cereals like wheat puffs or bran for a super filling low calorie snack. Made with almonds it also provides essential nutrients while also tasting amazing. 

  12. Egg substitute

    So good, and like 25 calories for the size of a regular egg. They are also so easy to cook. Just take out your handy dandy measuring spoons. Take a table spoon full and microwave for ~1minute. Just add a little bit of salt and sriracha and it tastes the same as any other egg breakfast. You can also add some low calorie cheese and some onions, peppers, tomatoes, and other veggies to make a seriously good omelette. Yummm. 

  13. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are a yummy and healthy snack. Mixed with balsamic vinegar or salted on toast, they are a flavorful addition to any dieter's pallete! They are also good for your skin!

  14. Rice Puffs

    Giant brand rice puffs are so great and only 60 calories per cup. Mix with 1/2 cup of almond milk and some splenda, and you have a filling snack or breakfast for only 75 calories. Just make sure you don't go overboard on the measurements. Filling up a 1 cup portion is different than filling up your entire jumbo cereal bowl (Forgetting Sarah marshall anyone?)

  15. Beats

    If you can't tell already, I like things with flavor. Chocolatey and sweet, balsamic tanginess, or strong soy, I don't like bland foods. That's why I think beats are a really yummy vegetable. They have a lot of flavor, are really healthy, and are definitely a dieter's friend. They are also really crispy so can be a nice snack by themselves or topped on top of any salad. 

  16. Diet Coke

    The infamous diet coke. Everyone has heard of the dangers of diet soda, whether that it's counterproductive to dieters or it's basically posionous, it's cast in a pretty bad light. From my perspective I've been on diets with and without diet coke, and I can say that it has not made me gain (or lose) any weight. To me, it is a 0 calorie treat that stops me from drinking other sugary drinks (and suppresses my appetite) so it's up to you if you want to heed the warnings of aspartame or not, but from what I've read up on they're are arguments on both sides, and honestly in today's world what doesn't come with a slew of possible dangerous side effects. 

  17. Reddi Whip

    Yum, this stuff is amazing. Make sure you get the fat free kind, and it's about 10 calories per two tablespoons. Amaze! Top it on your coffee to use some barista skills or put it on top of vanilla flavored almond milk for a faux vanilla milkshake. Or on the days you have boyfriend trouble or a bad day at work, you can also just squirt a bunch in your mouth to dramatically but guilt freely indulge. I love fat free reddi whip!

This list endorses that calories are the core of your weight loss or gain. It all boils down to how much energy you're body burns, consumes, or stores for later on (fat), and if you can reduce your calorie intake by indulging in some sweet low calorie treats, you're diet becomes a lot easier. Also remember to control portions and space out your meals in small but frequent portions and you will definitely have success with weight loss. Hopefully these tips are useful to dieters out there cutting calories without too much suffering!