Best Lesbian Hangout Spots in Southern California

Published: August 31, 2014

If you happen to be a girl who likes girls, it can be difficult to find quality venues for partying, socializing, or just getting your drink on. Let me fill you in on some of spots you've probably heard of, and others you might not have.

  1. The Abbey in West Hollywood

    Promoted by the series, The Real L Word, the Abbey definitely delivers in popularity and hip young women.

    If you're there on a weekend, it is packed to the brim! (Which may be good or bad, depending on your preference). Also, while it's got a huge range of types of people who attend, from straights, ample gay men (our brothers always seem to outnumber us, sigh!), the cornucopia of lesbians is what all you ladies should come for. The run the gammut from dressy to casual, butch to femme. And to be honest, the hotness level will make you swoon.

  2. Gossip Grill in San Diego

    This new bar recently switched locations and located to a new spot with much more of a nightclub atmosphere and more space. Thank goodness! There's a reason they've moved on up. The old Gossip Grill was a very friendly joint to mostly eat in. Now, here the girls get rowdy. There's definitely no shortage of energy or hot young women. You're going to see tattoos and piercings everywhere (trust me it's a good thing). So many places merely have gay nights, or advertise that they are a hot hangout spot. Here, there are no doubts. This is the place for real lesbians.

  3. Akbar in Silverlake California

    I'm pretty sure Akbar is the go-to spot for stylish hot youngins with nothing to do on the weekends. Can't think of somewhere to go? Well there's Akbar!  That seems to be the general consensus for lesbians in and around the LA area. As an old standby, you really can't go wrong. And hey, you're in Silverlake anyway which is a great little area to drink and walk around. If you're tired of frumpy and casual, here's a nice place to get dressed up and look hot, while not being too intimidating. I've never heard anyone have really anything bad to say about Akbar.

  4. Executive Suite in Long Beach

    Not strictly a lesbian bar, but has an awesome lesbian night on Saturdays known as Krave. There are two stories of huge dance floor, a really fantastic cosy outdoor area with lots of seating. You could dance all night, sing karaoke, or just get your drink on. TThis was my first introduction to Long Beach gay nightlife, and I was very impressed and inspired to come back. Lots of couples, but still plenty of dancing. They bring is some really hot gogo dancers, too. Go ahead, you can tip them, too. Prices are reasonable, parking is free if you park in a nearby residential area.

  5. Oxwood Inn in San Fernando Valley

    Small but cozy, you'll find very welcoming bartenders who will genuinely chat with you, and a good mix of regulars and young hip chicks. The price is right for drinks, too. Come to dance, or come to play some games like pool and darts. It's a nice little lesbian oasis in the unfortunately, rather straight-catering San Fernando Valley. Whenever I've gone there, I've always received some nice conversation from the bartenders, who will very likely recognize you if you come in the future. Their happy hour prices are very cheap, and I'm pretty sure the bartender doubles up on all of the booze.

  6. The Room in Hollywood

    Need to satisfy your craving for good hiphop and hot girls all in one? Go to The Room, y'all! It has a terrific atmosphere that is sexy and dark. With ample seating and a poppin' dance floor, who needs to club hop? I could easily spend hours there chatting, checking out new artists, and getting down. This is a place to dress up a little and wear something slick, since it will definitely be appreciated here. I made the mistake of dressing a little frumpy here. Definite missed opportunity. While I didn't feel out of place, I did feel like I lost my chance to show off.

  7. FLUXX in San Diego

    If you happen to be in the downtown area, this is a good option to get a taste of gay. Known for its house music, this spot provides a raucous party atmosphere with hot hot dancers to ogle while you're at it. Purr! It's right by the harbor too, which is a nice excuse to walk around with any ladies you may meet there. Plus, it's a great spot if you're looking to take public transport (so you can get maximum drunk), as there are tons of busstops and the trolley system which runs pretty late. It's definitely worth checking out if you are down there.

  8. Paddy's in Ventura

    The best thing I can say about Paddy's is that I've never seen a place more appreciative of your presence. This place is truly brimming with solidarity. Again, not strictly a lesbian bar, but it's big enough for guys and girls, and there are plenty of women. It's a nice place to hang out with your whole gay crowd at once. The drag shows are super awesome and fun. Their drinks are delicious and fruity and strong. Even the smoking patio out back is quality. Seriously, I don't often encounter such a nice space all the time. You are more than likely to make new friends if you come here.

  9. Club Ripples in Long Beach

    Long Beach is well known for its lesbian and gay scene and its awesome hospitality. Club Ripples is no exception. I found many welcoming groups who were more than willing to chat with me during the off hours. But when the music starts, Ripples will bring it. That club has some bass! The dance floor crowds right away after the music starts. Long Beach is small enough that it is very easy to hop to other bars or find a place to get a bite to eat. The women there are rather studly, which is always a plus in my book.

  10. Sweetwater Saloon in Long Beach

    Here's something a little different. Now, it may go without saying at this point that this one is not a by-lesbians-for-lesbians kind of bar, but is is still a place that the sisterhood would appreciate. It's definitely very gay friendly, and offers something a little different from a typical club. Sometimes you just want to sit down and have a beer, and pick out a song on the jukebox. The drinks are very cheap. And again, a primo location. Long Beach does a very good job at keeping its gay night life within reasonable walking distance. Way to go, Long Beach!

So there you have it, ladies. A little club inspiration for you all. Didn't think that place you were visiting had anything worth going out for? Think again!