The Best Video Games on the Xbox 360

Published: August 30, 2014

A list of the 10 best games available for the Xbox 360. I've played hundreds of games from all genres, and have compiled this list so others can play the best of the best, without having to slough through the worst of the worst like I have.

  1. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

    I've played some emotional games in my time, but none have come close to getting the response from me that this game did.

    The game follows the story of Lee Everett, a convicted killer, who gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse, who soon becomes the ward of a little girl named Clementine. The bond that the two build throughout the game is both adorable and realistic, and you will come to care for and love Clementine just like Lee does.

    The game features a plot that changes based on the decisions that you make. And they are tough decisions, ranging from who to feed, to who to kill, and the attachments you will build to the characters make each of these decisions agonizing. It's truly an experience unlike any other game out there.

  2. Left 4 Dead 2

    If you need a break from the emotional rollercoaster of The Walking Dead, and want a more fun zombie killing experience, look no further than Left 4 Dead 2. The game features an aspect of teamwork that is absent in most other multiplayer games on the Xbox 360. 

    What the game lacks in story, it more than makes up for in fun. Each game is different from the last thanks to the innovative AI Director, which can either help or hurt the players, making each game a new experience. The game has several modes of play, offering many different ways to slay the zombie hordes. I've personally put over 1000 hours into the game and it's still a blast each time I load it up.


  3. Fallout: New Vegas

    The sequel to the wildly popular Fallout 3, New Vegas brings the apocalypse to Vegas. 


    The game has some seriously deep role-playing aspects, that make for a more hardcore game than it's predecessor. Each gun, armor and even the bullets all have stats, strengths and weaknesses, forcing you to to carefully choose the best setup for your character. 

    The game also introduces the new Hardcore Mode, which requires you to eat, sleep and stay hydrated, making the experience feel even more like you're truly surviving the apocalypse.

  4. Dark Souls

    Finally breaking away from the post-apocalyptic games, we go to Dark Souls, a punishing role playing experience.

    Dark Souls takes you to Lordran, a world cursed by something called The Dark Sign, which prevents it's inhabitants from dying. Instead they are forced to go through death again and again. The game is certainly depressing, but it's not without small breaks of humor. 

    Dark Souls is most certainly the most difficult game on the Xbox 360. Players have to pay careful attention to enemy attack patterns, and remain patient and attack then they have the chance, unlike most games that put the player in a position of almost absolute control. 

  5. Lost Odyssey

    Another RPG, this one from Japan. Lost Odyssey is about a man named Kaim, who is an immortal who has lived for 1000 years. Kaim is searching for the secrets of his past and why he cannot die, and along the way remembers glimpses of his life. Fighting in wars, being a prisoner and even marrying and having children, Kaim has led a full life and the player is right there with him as he discovers it through special stories that the player reads through instead of watching or playing. Many of them even moved me to tears. 

    The game itself is a wonderfull call-back to the JRPG's of the 90s. Featuring turn-based combat, a cast of colorful characters and a massive and immersive world to explore. Lost Odyssey is a must-have for all Xbox 360 owners.

  6. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Breaking away from the depressing tone of the past games, we go to GTA 5, a crazy and wild ride of a game. Players assume control of 3 different characters; Michael, a retired criminal who gets drawn back to the life; Franklin, a young man trying to make it big with a life of crime; and Trevor, Michael's psychotic old friend. The three end up holding heists to pay back debts and make money. 

    The true shining aspect of GTA5 isn't the story though, it's the massive world of Los Santos, that is completely open for the player to explore. Featuring a huge city, a dessert and a countryside for players to explore with many different kinds of vehicles. 

    The game also has an online game where players make an avatar of themselves who starts out with nothing and climbs through the ranks in crime to make it to the top.

  7. Skyrim

    The fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series takes players to the northernmost country in Tamriel, Skyrim. The game has a very viking-like aesthetic and is absolutely massive, featuring lots of areas and secrets for players to discover. 

    You play as the Dragonborn, a being blessed by the gods with the power to bring down the Dragons that are trying to destroy the world. The game has an almost endless amount of ways to approach this task, and plenty of weapons to help along the way. The game is so immersive, that players could easily just ignore the storyline completely and play the game their own way.

  8. Alan Wake

    Alan Wake is a unique game. You don't play as a mystical being, or mighty ninja or a superhero. You're just a normal man, trying to save his wife from the dark forces that have captured her.

    Alan is an author who is vacationing with his wife, when she is taken away from him. He has to rely on the strange citizens of the town and his own intuition to get her back. The game features a unique gameplay mechanic, in which you must first shine light upon the citizens of the town to free them from the darkness that has consumed them, before killing them. This brings a unique aspect to the game, in which the light is your greatest weapon, instead of weapons or superpowers. 

    Alan Wake may not be well known, but it is certainly not to be missed.

  9. Mass Effect

    Commander Shepard is the best soldier humanity has. Unfortunately humanity isn't viewed very highly in this science fiction RPG.

    On a special mission, Shepard discovers an artififact that gives her knowledge of an impending alien invasion. She tries to share this information with others, in hopes that they will mount an attack to defend the galaxy, but no one will listen to her. Instead she builds her own team to try and fight. 

    The game features an interactive dialogue system that lets you decide how you want to respond to situations and build friendships or enemies with other characters. 

  10. Dragon Age: Origins

    The Gray Wardens are a group of warriors, sworn to protect the world from the Blight, a reign of terror brought upon by creatures known as Darkspawn, from far beneath the Earth. 

    The protagonists of the game gets drawn into the Gray Wardens and forced to fight the oncoming Blight. Just like Mass Effect, which is made by the same company, Dragon Age features many unique choices and dialogue options, allowing players to craft their character into whatever they want it to be. 

These games are, in my opinion, the 10 best games available for the 360. While some of the games aren't going to appeal to everyone, there are enough high quality games here that even the most picky gamer is sure to find something they will enjoy.