Top Rated Plumbers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Published: August 30, 2014

If you live in Northeastern Wisconsin, you know that the passing seasons can reak havoc on underground plumbing and pipes.  The winter season can lead to some costly plumbing issues including frozen pipes, breakage of water lines, and hot water systems failure.  The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the harshest winters on record in Wisconsin and lead to state wide plumbing problems. Oshkosh, as well as many other citys and towns, had declared a state of emergency when residents were unable to get water.  Although city pipes are deep underground, the frost table extended beyond them with the constant negative temperatures.  Many residents were not prepaired for the havoc winter bestowed on them.  Luckily, there were several plumbers in the area that were able to operate in the frozen tundra and bring water back to Wisconsin residents last winter.  In preparation for another winter, I have created a list of top rated plumbers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

  1. Dan Kelly Plumbing Services

    Dan Kelly Plumbing Service is the top on the list because Dan Kelly is so highly recommended by the residents of Oshkosh WI.  He is known for being professional, on time, having unbeatable prices, and being the fastest to respond to emergency service calls.  Dan Kelly has many positive reviews and is the number one recommended plummer on the website Home Advisor.  With many accreditations and a family history of plumbing spanning 4 generations, Dan Kelly Plumbing Service is your local, reliable and experienced plumbing professional.



    Dan Kelly Plumbing Service

    Oshkosh, WI 54901

    Phone: (920) 284-1458


    Plumbing Service Water Heater Service and Repair Fast Response and Quick Turnaround Shower and Bath Installations Sump Pump and Foundation Drain Install

  2. Gartman Mechanical Services

    Gartman Mechanical Services is second on the list because they are one of the top service providers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  They cater to residential and business needs, and offer a wide aray of services.  They do not fix clogged pipes, but they are amazing at creating commercial and residental facilities, as well as replacing faulty plumbing in remodel projects.  Gartman Mechanical Services has been serving Oshkosh and the Fox Valley For Over 60 Years.  Their 24 hour service and ability to provide so many services has made them a go to business for plumbing needs. 



    (920) 231-5530

    (920) 231-0486

    Services/Products: Plumbing Service Water Heater Service and Repair Replacement, & New Installation of: Furnaces,Air Conditioning, Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Hot Water Boilers, Steam Boilers, Infloor Systems, Baseboard & Radiator Systems, and Sheet Metal Work Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms
  3. Sammons Plumbing

    Sammons Plumbing has been a part of the Oshkosh Community since 1910 and is a 4th Generation Family business. Sammons plumbing not only provides professional plumbing services to residental and commercial establishments, but also has a complete plumbing store dedicated to plumbing repairs and a showroom.  Their plumbers are known to be efficienct, clean, and respectful of homeowner’s property when providing services. Website:
    522 W. Murdock Ave.
    Oshkosh, WI 54901

    Phone: 920-231-9880

    Services: Plumbing Service Water Heater Service and Repair Water Treatment Equipment Service and Supplies Sump Pump Plumbing Fixtures, Parts, & Supplies Water Well Drilling Heating & Cooling Specialties Building Contractors

  4. Dr. Hansen Plumbing

    Dr. Hansen Plumbing has been offering plumbing services for over 38 years. They offer responsive and affordable plumbing option and promote plumbing maintenance. Their knowledgeable master plumbers are known to educate consumers about common plumbing problems and ways to prevent them.




    55 Knapp St.
    Oshkosh,  WI   54902



    Phone: 920-233-1595


    Water line repair Water heater repair Garbage disposals Slab leak detection Fixture installation Drain service Jetting service Clog detection and repair Water pressure

  5. Kurt Zentner and Sons Plumbing & Heating

    Kurt Zentner Plumbing have been in business in the Oshkosh area for over 85 years.  Not only do they provide a huge aray of plumbing services but they also have several different specialists, welders, and steamfitters to make sure the job gets done right.  Their clean and cutting edge work makes them one of the best plumbing companies in the area.  If you have a bathroom or kitchen remodel project, Kurt Zentner Plumbing is the go to business.



    2860 Oregon St.
    Oshkosh, WI 54902
    Phone: (920) 235-1340

    • Heating and Air Conditioning Service Work
    • New Commercial Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning
    • Commercial Remodeling
    • Industrial Plumbing and HVAC
    • Hot Water and Forced Air Heating
    • Water Heaters
    • Storm and Sanitary Sewers
    • Sewer Camera Inspection
    • Machine Air Piping
    • Garbage Disposal Installation
    • Sump and Well Pump Installation
    • Pressure Tank Installation
    • Water Softener Installation
    • Process Piping
    • Backflow Preventer Testing
    • Weil Pump Rebuilding
    • Pipe Welding
    • Grease Trap Replacement
    • Home & Commercial Repipe
    • Catch Basin Replacement
    • Pipe Locating Services
    • Control and Hydraulic Tubing
    • Excavating
    • 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service


  6. SBS Plumbing Inc.

    SBS Plumbing is owned by master plumber Derek Schaffer.  He has 25 years of plumbing experience.  SBS proudly serves the Fox Valley and the surrounding areas, “Plumbing Every Home As If It Were Our Own!”  They offer a menu pricing guarentee so you know exactly what the price will be before they arrive and do the work. 



    Phone: 920.230.5933
    Fax: 920.230.3657

    Address: 4635 Red Fox Road, Oshkosh, WI 54904



  7. Watters Plumbing

    Watters Plumbing has been providing plumbing services to the Fox Cities in Northeast Wisconsin since 1960. Over the years their services have grown from plumbing, sump pumps and water heaters to include bathroom remodeling, electrical work, solar hot water, home entertainment systems, and home theaters.  Watters Plumbing prides itself on being knowledgeable and professional. Design consulters, Plumbers, Electricians, and Carpenters are available to coordinate and complete any project you have in mind.




    Water Heater Service and Repair New Construction Shower and Bath Installations Leak Repairs Water Softners and Filtration Systems Remodels

  8. Abel Plumbing LLC

    Abel Plumbing is ready to serve all your plumbing needs. They specialize in commercial,residential, in-floor heating, and all plumbing service.  



    402 W. South Park Avenue

    Oshkosh, WI 54902

    Tel: 920.296.0014





    / New Construction

    / Design Build Services

    / State Approved Drawings

    / In-floor Heating

    / Hydronic Heating

    / Faucet Repar

    / Faucet Replace

    / Sewer Installations

    / Water Line Installations

    / Water Heater Repair & Installation

    / Boiler Repair & Installation

    / Bathroom & kitchen Remodel

    / Water meters

    / Piping

    / Fixtures

  9. Kascade Plumbing

    Kascade Plumbing provides several plumbing services and is known for providing prompt, courteous, quality plumbing solutions.  Their website is extremely helpful because it offers tips and tricks for home fixes before you have to pay a plumber to check out your plumbing problem.


    Contact: 920.582.7304


    Toilet Repair Leaking Toilets Water Heater Repair/Replacement Plugged Drains/Sewer Replacement Kitching Sink/Faucet Repair Replacement Garbage Disposal (Insinkerator Certified) Well Pump/Pressure Tank Replacement Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Water Softening/Treatment Systems Complete Kitchen/Bath Remodeling Steam Showers Hydronic/In-floor/Radiant Heat New homes Septic Tanks/Systems
  10. Oshkosh Sanitary Sewer Service

    Oshkosh Sanitary Sewer Service in Oshkosh, WI offers sewer cleaning and repair, and plumbing services. They have been in business since 1948.


    Contact: 920.203.6925


    Plumbing Sewers Sink lines Tub lines Sewer cleaning and repair

It was hard to put these in an order of 1-10 because many plumbers offer different services, have different expertise, and work with different contractors.  Most of the list was constructed based on word of mouth recommendations, my own experiences, and experiences other people have posted on the internet.  If you plan to do a remmodel or new construction, you should go with Gartman Mechanical Service, Abel Plumbing, or Kurt Zentner and Sons.  If you need a house call for a clogged pipe, your best bet would be Dan Kelly Plumbing Services or any of the other plumbing companies stated in the list. I hope this list is helpful to anyone in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin region.