The Best Cheap Grooming Products You Can Use On Your Dog

Published: August 29, 2014

I've had my dog for a little over a year, and I've finally found the most perfect and cheap way to groom my dog. No more taking it to Pets Mart or wherever you go, spending $50 or more to get it groomed for you. You can do it all yourself, so it never costs a dime! Well until you actually pay for the products of course, and if you ran out, and had to buy more, but after that! It never costs a dime! 

  1. Baking Soda

    One cheap $2.99 box of baking soda. Why baking soda? Baking soda is a great product when it comes to eliminating odors. Just sprinkle a little in your dogs bath and WALLA! MAGIC!

  2. Oatmeal

    It might sound a little wierd, but oatmeal does wonders in a dogs bath. I sprinkle a little in my dogs bath water, and her hair is like silk. If you love your oatmeal and don't really want to share it with your dog, then that's alright! I have a perfect alternative: It's called "Oster Animal Care, Oatmeal Naturals", it's country apple scented. Mmm. I bought it a my local grocery store, Walmart. It only costs me $5! I actually recommend this more than just plain oatmeal because it's a shampoo also.

  3. Baby Shampoo

    Yeah, Yeah, I know, "That's for babies!", but it's also perfect for dogs! I used to use this before I started using the, Oster Animal Care, Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo. When I did use it, I loved it! For my dog of course. Baby shampoo is so pure and has no chemicals! So it was perfect for a dogs skin. Especially a dog with dandruff problems.

  4. Vitamin Enriched Detangling Conditioning Spray

    It cost me $10.00 on Ebay, but was well worth the purchase. I've had it for a little over a year, and it's still almost full! You just spray it on your dog after you've washed it and towel dryed it a little; so while he/she's damp, brush it in, and finish drying. Hair it super soft and silky afterwards.

  5. Blow Dryer

    If you want to make sure your dog is nice and dry, so he/she won't catch a cold, use an adjustable blow dryer. I keep my blow dryer temperature on warm and I blow dry on low so I won't scare my dog. If your dog is scared to death of the blow dryer, I suggest you look online for tips to help your dog get used to it, that's what i did and it worked!

  6. Pro-Sense Odor Eliminating Freshening Spray

    I like finishing off with a great scented spray, even if my dog already smells wonderful, I just want her to have that smell of extra freshness! The scent of this spray is literally the scent of "Fresh". I love it! The price of this depends on where you buy it from. It's $9.20 on Amazon.

  7. Pedi Paws

    The incredible pet nail trimmer! I'm so in love with this trimmer. It's perfect for dogs, It beats going to Pets Mart spending over $20 or more getting your dogs nails trimmed every month. I payed $9.75 on Ebay. It works well. My dog loves it, I love it, and last but not least, my pockets love it! 

These 7 items are the best items and cheap items, that you can use to groom your dog! You save so much money over the years, your dog is happier, and you bond a lot more with your dog when you're the one grooming him/her. Why go to Pets Mart, or where ever you go, every month, spending atleast $600 to $1200 a year on your dog, when you can save so much! Take my advice and lose the grooming appointments, you'll see the difference in your pockets for sure.