The Best Runes of Season 4

Published: August 28, 2014

For those about to finish up the last few months of the League of Legends Ranked Season 4: I might be able to give you that small edge to get those last few wins you need to get where you wanted to be this season. This list will give you the low down on which runes you need right now. Why are runes so important? A rune page is in essence a custom item that you build for yourself that will give you the stats you need in lane to survive until you go back to purchase your first item. Believe it or not, the stats ANY champion needs to survive those first few minutes on the rift are pretty common across the board. Knowing which ones are the more powerful/useful will allow you to work with a strong core of stats that you can tailor to fit the champion you love to play the most.

  1. Greater Seal of Scaling Health

    It cannot be understated how important health per level seals are. Every proffessional in the world uses them, from Faker to his rival mid lane in Korea Pawn. These little babies are going to give you the health you need to trade with your opponent in lane, as well as scale very well into late game giving you another edge there.

  2. Greater Quintessence of Armor

    When Flat Armor Seals were nerfed this season, and Scaling Health Seals took their place, Flat Armor Quintessences became King. Armor is important in every lane: no matter who your opponent is or what kind of damage they build, they will at some point use a basic attack against you (as you should be doing to them!). Those basic attacks are mitigated through the use of these quintessences. Not to mention they help in lane against minion aggro and in the jungle against the monsters and they have the added benifit of helping out with turret dives as well.

  3. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

    Just like health, the benifits of Magic Resist are essential all game long. Although you might find yourself in a match-up against an Attack Damage opponent (or in the jungle where there is no magic damage), these suckah's are still number three on the list. Magic Resist items in League of Legends are notoriously underpowered. Using half of your glyph space on these guys (4 or 5 or 6) will greatly help deal with a lane opponent, and also help immensly in teamfights. If your in the jungle, these guys help you when you gank a lane that will attempt to CC you.

  4. Greater Mark of Attack Damage

    While these are for Attack Damage champions, it should also be noted that these little guys will help you with last hitting, so if you find your CS in lane a little lacking, try these out, they just might help.

  5. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

    If you are not having trouble with last hitting and you don't want extra attack damage, then here is your answer. Mages and even just Ability Power champ's are going to love these for all that additional early game (and even cases of good late game) damage.

  6. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

    You should be able to get away with only 4 or 5 Magic Resist Glyphs. Cooldown reduction helps every champion out. Well, almost every champion. Ones with exceptionally low CD's like Yasuo, or ones that build full CDR anyways, like Karma, shouldn't really need these, but those kinds of champions are rare. Which makes these the second best Glyph's out there.

  7. Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

    Like CDR, lots of champs need mana. If you feel like you are running short most of the time in lane, these dudes will work wonders, especially early game.

  8. Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

    If you dont need CDR or Mana Regen, then you should want Attack Speed. Even if your using an Ability Power based champion, a little attack speed can greatly help out last hitting. It quickens the attack animation of the champion, allowing your champion to be more responsive when they go to get that last hit. It can really, really help. Take it from someone that CS's poorly. Which is me. 

  9. Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

    Just like the reasons stated above, these quintessences will help with last hitting as well as helping late game attack damage based champions. Most proffessionals use one of these with the two above mentioned Armor Quint's.

  10. Greater Mark of Critical Chance

    This one is my personaly favorite. Lots of my friends chide me about using them but I have seen many a proffessional player use one or two of these marks. A lucky crit can really make things happen in lane. Never count luck out of the equation.

These are the runes you need. There is lots of flex as you can see in the glyph selection, however outside of that many of the runes you see here see are the exact same runes you will see in competitive play, not just cause the proffessionals can count on each other, but because they can count on these runes.