The Best Breakfast Burritos in LA

Published: August 25, 2014

Nothing sounds better than a delicious breakfast burrito, jam packed with eggs, sausage, bacon and other goodies then wrapped up in a warm flower tortilla. As a lover of breakfast and burritos I think it is important to know where the most delicious breakfast burittos can be found in Los Angeles. This is a list I have compiled of spots I have had a breakfast burrito all throughout LA and could not forget because of how simply amazing they were. The best part about all these spots is that yout breakfast burritos are always made fresh once you place your order. You can customize all your orders and make additions, which is my personal favorite, making each burrito your own and knowing the ingredients are fresh. The best part about a breakfast burrito is that it has all the essencials you need to give you a boost for the day - you have your carbs, protein (and lots of it!) and veggies. The perfect breakfast packed into one perfect bite.

  1. Lucky Boy

    Nested on Walnut in Pasadena, CA this resteraunt has been around for years serving delicious food on the daily. However, the most spectacular items on their menu have got to be the breakfast burritos. You are literally getting a run for your money, they are huge and jam packed with flavor, definitely worth every penny and calorie. 

  2. Corner Cottage

    Corner Cottage wins a fair #2, conveniently located in Burbank, CA, with their twist on the traditional breakfast burrito. With the addition of their signature hot sauce their breakfast burrito becomes truely a unique experience from all others. My personal reccomendation is the breakfast burrito of your choice with the addition of avocados, you will not regret it! 

  3. El Sauz Sauz, located in Glendale, CA is best known for your late night taco cravings but should be better known for their breakfast burritos in my opinion. Although breakfast has been a reccent addition to their menu they are doing an amazing job selling it! The breakfast burritos are filled with gooey jack cheese, eggs, hashbrowns and they have a choice of ham, one you do not find often at these spots!

  4. Connal's's, located in Pasadena, CA, is #4 on my list. If you love the breakfast burritos I would also personally recommend you visit for lunch and grab a burger as well, if you enjoy a good bite of American food, this is a great spot in general with a great atmosphere and customer base. It can get busy though so prepare to wait! Especially since your food is being made fresh, patience is key. 

  5. Lee's Hoagie House located in Pasadena, CA - which to me is seemingly becoming the perfect place for all breakfast buritto lovers to enjoy, Lee's Hoagie House is a charming family owned spot. Their breakfast burritos, although delicious like all other previously mentioned spots, are not as big. It may take you two to get full, but they are worth it. Especially if you are trying to eat less, this is perfect to not give you the bloated after-feeling a breakfast burrito the size of a brick tends to give you. 

  6. Tops

    Another win for Pasadena, CA. Tops has two locations both on Colorado Blvd. with different ownership, the one you are aiming to dine at is "The Original Tops" located directly in front of the North Rosemead freeway exit. The breakfast burritos here are ginormous and best of all - served all day. So whether you get a late night craving or need an early morning hangover cure, Tops has got your back! 

  7. Burrito in a Box

    This one may seem crazy, and it kind of is, but Burrito in a Box is literally a big orange vending machine like box from which you order a VERY affordable breakfast burrito. Located inside a gas station in West Hollywood, the Burrito in a Box offers quality ingredients (cage free eggs) and a bang for your buck (only $3) for some good gas station food that will not make you sick. It gets #7 on my tally, and really is worth a try, not just for a roadtrip but anytime you stop by. 

  8. Tacos Villa Corona

    You would not think much of this spot if you walked by it without taking a sniff, but once you order their breakfast burrito you will be inclined to try more. Nestled in Atwater Village, CA, their breakfast burritos are filling and packed with flavor, my personal reccomendation is their chorizo breakfast burrito, I myself am not a huge fan of chorizo but Tacos Villa Corona sold it! 

  9. CJ's Cafe

    CJ's, located on Pico Blvd. gives you a run for your money. It combines a traditional breakfast with soul food and Mexican flavors you cannot resist in a laid back setting that is super inviting. A great spot to bring your family for brunch or a group of friends after a morning hike to gain back those calories! 

  10. El Huarachito

    Last but not least, El Huarachito located on Broadway in LA. El Huarachito is best for anyone looking for an authentic Mexican breakfast. Their corn tortillas are handmade and their house salsas are spectacular, packed with a punch. They only take cash so make sure you have more than a Visa handy and they close at 6PM so do not bank on a late night breakfast craving. 

My top pick is Lucky Boys but all these spots are delicious for a great breakfast burrito you will not forget. Your first visit will not be your last and you will not leave with an angry belly! For all the breakfast and breakfast burrito enthusiasts enjoy these spots in LA for a truly satisfactory experience you and your stomach will appreciate. Happy eating for everyone!