Best Electricians in and around Mechanicsburg, PA

Published: August 24, 2014

Here is a list of the ten best electricians in Mechanicsburg, PA and surrounding areas.  I used several different attributes to judge these, such as rates, reliability and other people reviews.  Good luck on your electrical project!

  1. 1) Fetrow Electric Service

    Fetrow Electric Company is extremely reliable, has great rates and outstanding customer service.

  2. 2) J&C Electrical Services

    J&C Electrical services has great customer service, are extremely reliable, friendly and are fast.

  3. Deitch's Mechanical and Electrical

    Deitch's Mechanical and Electrical service is among the cheapest in our area.  They are also very fast in setting up an appointment.

  4. JW Handyman and Remodeling Services

    JW Handyman and Remodeling Services is among the friendliest electricians around.  He is very reliable and has great rates.

  5. Tim’s Handyman Service

    Tim's Handyman Service brings back the old friendly electrician.  Not only is he fast in doing his projects, he has a lot of expertise in his area of work.

  6. Quicktricity Electric

    Quicktricity may have a bit more expensive rates than other electricians, however it is on the list because they can do emergency appointments, and their emergency rates are one of the lowest in the area.

  7. Lauer Electric

    Lauer Electric has very low rates, and they have excellent customer service.  I appreciate that they can give me quotes extremely quickly.

  8. Wrightstone Electric

    Wrightstone Electric is among the most reliable electricians in the area.  They are extremely pleasant to work with and have reasonable rates.

  9. BBEC Inc.

    BBEC Inc. has a great reputation around town.  They are known for great customer service and reliable rates.

  10. JL Ruth Electric

    JL Ruth Electric has excellent customer service and are very reliable.  It was very easy to set up an appointment with them.

Finding an electrician can be a daunting task.  Make sure that you look around, and get quotes from a few before making your choice.  Hopefully this list has helped you narrow down your search in Mechanicsburg, PA.