10 Best Ways To Pamper Your Baby

Published: August 23, 2014

As a parent you always want your child to feel happy, healthy, and loved. These are some of the best ways to make your baby more comfortable and let them know you care.

  1. Playing Together

    Playing with your baby is a great source of entertainment. At every age your baby will change and adapt the way they play with you. Coaxing out those first smiles and giggles are always magical moments. You can play with your baby in so many different ways, by using, toys, tickling hands, or even blankets. Your baby may suprise you by the things he finds funny or interesting. Remeber your baby will react and play with toys differently as he grows so reintroduce old toys regularly. Be careful not to give your baby toys he can easily stuff in his mouth and choke on.


  2. Cuddling

    Cuddling your little one is a perfect way to show your love. Most babies enjoy cuddling their parents. It's a great way to help you and baby relax after a long day and spend some one on one time together. This is a great activity for right before bed time because it's not overstimulating for baby. If your baby seems fussy or arches her back when your trying to cuddle, she may be trying to tell you shes uncomfortable. Try positioning her on her tummy or at an incline. Careful not to fall asleep with your baby to avoid the risk of SIDS.


  3. Cloth Diapers

    Putting your baby in cloth diapers is a great way to pamper her. A high number of infants at some point get a chemical burn from their disposable diapers. Using cloth is a safe, and cost friendly alternative! Some parents are very intimidated by the idea of cloth diapering, but modern cloth diapers make it easy, and fashionable! There is a cloth diapering style for parents of every budget. The most popular styles of cloth diapering vary, but my favorite is; Pocket Diapers, these one size, two piece diapers are very comfortable for baby and can be re-used until they are potty trained!

  4. Baby Wearing

    Baby wearing can be so much fun for you and baby! Just snuggle him right into a sling or vest and enjoy being close to your baby as well as hands free. Your baby will also benefit not only by feeling safe and warm against you, but by watching and learning by the way you interact with the world. Baby wearing can be very useful for moms and dads who need to catch up on some housework with a fussy baby. 



  5. Reading Books

    Reading with your little one can be very rewarding. It teaches them listening, memory, and vocabulary skills. It also helps you an your baby connect. Your baby loves to be close to you and to hear your calming voice. This is a great pre-bed time activity as well. Spending time with your little one shows them that reading is a skill worth learning. Reading to your baby with joy and enthusiasm will teach him to assosiate books with happiness, and instil a love for reading within them.

  6. Watching TV

    Watching TV programs with your tiny honey is a low-key fun way to spend time together and enjoy a great source of entertainment. There are plenty of shows made just for getting your little ones attention. Shop around, and see which ones she really likes. My boys get so excited when I put on Barney they stop what their doing and watch with smiles. Of course, you should sit with your baby and watch with them to show them you care. When your baby is very young I would reccomend watching My Baby First TV, or Baby Genious. It's low stimulation and entertaining for little tiny ones.

  7. Going For A Walk

    Walking with your baby is a good way to strech your legs and get some fresh air. Buckle junior into the stroller and away you go! In my experience, babies love the outdoors. All new smells, sounds, and sights will captivate them and calm even the most colic prone infants. Be sure to dress them appropriately for the weather in your area. If your planning on taking a long walk remember to pack a diaper bag with all the essentials, including a changing mat incase you have nothing to set them on.  This acitivty also can give postpartum moms an opportunity to shed that extra weight baby gracefully helped you gain during pregnancy.

  8. Having A Chat

    Talking with your baby is an acitivty often overlooked by parents. Just because you and baby aren't fully able to verbally communicate doesn't mean she won't enjoy talking with you, or in her case, babbling. Babies often mimick the noises they hear their parents make. When you repeat these noises back to them it teaches about the give and take of a conversation. I like to narrate what I doing to my little ones during the day. But beware, once you get them talking they may never stop! 


  9. Bath Time

    Giving your baby a bath is a necessary activity that most babies really enjoy. You should ask your pediatrician about how often you can bathe your little one and stick to those guidelines. My babies always love to splash around in the tub and play with their rubber duckies while I scrub off the layer of applesauce they painted on their faces at the dinner table. A warm bath before bed is a sure way to soothe your baby into a sleep mode. When they get a bit older you can amuse them by making non toxic glowing tub water.   

  10. Sign Language

    Teaching your baby sign language is an extremely useful skill. Your baby can learn to sign before he or she is able to speak their needs to you. This creates an outlet for baby to express what he needs without having to cry. Also, if you find out later on that your baby has some developmental delays or issues preventing them from being able to speak properly they will already have another way to communitcate with the world. With some diligence your baby could learn to sign in just a few months. There is plenty of material out there to show you how to get started. 


All of these are great ways to pamper your baby and make parenting just a little bit easier. Have fun!