best toddler distractions

Published: August 22, 2014

This is a list of non-screen toys and activities that can be used to amuse toddlers and babies ages 10 months-3 years

  1. Sand box

    Sand goes from being fun to touch, to fun to dig in and move, to fun to mold as a child ages. It can be sand or pebbles in a bucket, on a plate, in an under-bed-box or in an actual sandbox. Supervision is required, especially for children prone to eating things

  2. slide

    The slide starts as a 'mommy needs to help' for the pre-walking crowd, but rapidy turns into a great energy burner and eventually a game platform

  3. books

    Bright colored, cardboard books are best for younger babies, by age 2 a child can spend time flipping through paper page books alone.

  4. blocks

    Blocks are great for learning early coordination by stacking them, and later can be turned into imaginative play items by a child building whatever they please. Note that blocks can be purchased, or boxes and books can be used!

  5. Stuffed toys

    Stuffed toys are easily handled by young children who can manipulate them and enjoy their textures and dimensions, and become 'friends' and incorporate into imaginative play for older children.

  6. Crayons

    Children as young as 1 can be assisted in scibbling with jumbo crayons, and by age 3 enjoy coloring over a printed picture, although not generally in the lines yet.

  7. balls

    Big or small, bouncy or soft, balls are great for learning motor control and are just plain fun!

  8. kitchen items

    No child can resist the tupperware cupboard! Allowing playtime to be had in the plastic ware or the pots and pans is an easy on mom, enjoyable for baby activitiy. Add a spoon for some noise to add to the delight!

  9. bubbles

    Young children need some help blowing bubbles, but even small ones enjoy the shiny things that seem to magically disappear. 

  10. Fresh Air

    Take a walk! It burns energy, get everyone some exercise, and can be used as a language developement time as you point out things in the world.

These are some great ideas of things to amuse the under 3 crowd.