Favorite shows on MTV

Published: August 20, 2014

This article is going to focus on popular shows that are viewed by many. Most people have heard of or atleast tuned in and watched a show on the MTV channel. Most people assume that this channel is mainly about music and music videos. In fact, MTV has numerous shows that are entertaining to watch.

  1. Teenmom

    One of MTV's most popular show is called Teenmom. It is a following of the show 16 and pregnant. This show allows you to follow the young females as they venture into their new roles as teen mothers. You get to see first hand what its like. Teen pregnany doesnt just affect the females but also males and most of the time the people that are around you. Many people would agree that this show makes teenage pregnancy look fun. Who wouldnt want to be on a tv show and have your life featured for the world to see and judge you?  Im sure adding a paycheck to the scenerio helps. This show is full of drama, heartache and struggles. In most cases, many young and old can relate to this story line. Wether you yourself were a teen parent or you know somebody who is a teen parent or going through a similar situation.


  2. Catfish

    This show has been around for about a year or two. It was influenced by a man who was once caught in an online romance. The person on the other end turned out to not be the person he thought he was falling in love with. Him and some friends made a documentary on it. He wanted to help others espically people who have been through the same thing. Him and his friends set out to help victims of online scamming. This show is both juicy and heart wrenching. You see people's real emtions come out. Not all of what you see on this documentary turns out to be bad. Their are some who walk away with a happy ending.

  3. Girlcode

    This show is very entertaining. Women give their opinions, point of views and their own stories on personal things. They talk about everything. Nothing if left off topic when it comes to these women. Most females can relate to what the topics are, however not too many want to talk about it, or admit that its something they have been through. I think what sets this show apart is the comedy and seriousness in these women. They also do little skits so you can visualize the scenerio.

  4. Jersey Shore

    As much drama this show has, many people still cannot turn away from their tv's. Jersey shores follows the life of several young men and women sharing a house down the shore. You will not find drama like this anywhere else. The cast is full of loud mouth tan accent talking real blood Italians. You can bet your butts that you will see tons of partying and many drunk moments caught on film. These individuals are a train wreck but its not something you want to not watch. While this show was on for years, it has finally come to an end.

  5. True Life

    True Life is a show that is based on real people going through real life situations. Each episode is filled with something different. They range from True Life: Im and addict, True Life: Teen Pregnancy, True Life: Im in a long distance relationship and so on.The show is about an hour long and usually shows the story line of two different individuals. All of this show is based on real lives.

  6. The challenges

    The Challenges is an hour long reality show where individuals compete to win money. Many of the players were previously on another MTV show called The Real World. The challenges itself are things that you could not even imagine doing. Granted you can win a great deal of money, but the toll it must take on your body, your mental state has got to be difficult. Your mind and body are pushed in ways you would never think.  Each season the show has a different topic. One season it might be battle of the females vs the males while another might be working with your enemy.

  7. Virgin Territory

    This is a brand new reality show that has only been around for a month or so. It follows the lives of young men and women who have yet to have intercourse. I think it is very brave of these people to admit to the world that they are either saving their purity till marriage or just havent found somebody worthy o loosing their virginity too. This is a first show in itself focusing on the virginity of others. It is something that can possibily inspire others.

  8. The Real World Explosion

    So far only one season of this show has been filmed. It is a spinoff of MTV's original The Real World. Usually they pick 7ish random strangers to move into a house that MTV has provided given that nothing is off limits. Their lives are constantly being recorded. This new season, MTV decided to throw in a twist and instead of adding new roomates, they added their exes to the house causing more drama and fire than ever. Juicy hook ups, drunk fighting, partying and just non stop drama.

  9. Rod Dyrdek Fantasy Factory

    Many people know of Rob Dyrdek because he is a professional skate boarder. MTV decided to give him his own show. The story line follows Rob and his friends and family as he does weird and crazy things all while under his fantasy factory. He has soo much money that he bought what looks like this big warehouse and pretty much convereted it into some kind of adult play world/ business office for him and his brand. 

  10. Snooki and Jwow

    These two bestfriends became famous for being on another MTV show called Jersey Shore. This show is a reality show. Granted these two arent the sharpest tool in the shed,but it is worth watching. Their lack of knowledge is pure comedy. They arent too smart but yet they are able to make money off of it.

Many of the shows mentioned are indeed reality shows. MTV has a wide range of viewers and giving everybody something of what they want to see makes for good televison and helps the channel stay on longer.