Ten Best Crochet Blogs

Published: August 13, 2014

In the world of crochet blogs, there's a lot to choose from, but I'm picky. I don't like to sign in, so I won't be talking about any crochet clubs or semi-commercial sites that require you to join or log in. Really, we all have enough passwords to keep track of.

Pictures! I want pretty pictures, and lots of them. Good photography makes a good crochet blog. It doesn't have to be professional quality, but it helps. I want to be inspired. A fuzzy, low-light picture of a crochet project does not inspire.

Quality content. I don't mind if the blog exists to promote the author's commercial site or Etsy store, and ads are necessary to keep the whole thing going. As long as the links are relevant and the content is useful, I'm fine with that. I'm not going to pick through a page that exists simply as a dump for random links.

Patterns please! Though not an absolute requirement, I love free stuff. Many of the best blogs offer free patterns, step-by-step photo tutorials, and links to other blogs that offer the same.

  1. Attic 24

    Lucy of Attic 24 is quite possibly Queen of Crochet Bloggers. From her photogenic home in the north of England, Lucy produces a never-ending stream of crochet projects, recipes, decorating hints, and even travel photography. Lucy is always taking a break from her many projects to have a bit of homemade banana bread in her garden, accompanied, of course, with coffee in a charming vintage cup. Everything about Lucy's life is charming. If you follow her blog, you will want to be her. Here's Lucy:

    Attic 24 offers tons of patterns and tutorials. Lucy often promotes the products and blogs of others, but every one of her links is relevant. Thanks to Pinterest, crochet is becoming more and more popular. If you've caught the bug, Lucy's attic is a good place to start.


  2. Bunny Mummy

    Jacquie is another UK lifestyle blogger, but don't worry about confusing UK crochet terms. She publishes all of her patterns in US terms. My sister, an avid "hooker", swears by Jacquie's patterns and tutorials as  some of the best and easiest to use on the web. 

    Jacquie's Petals and Puffs Mandela is going to be my next project:

    Bunny Mummy features a pictorial list of projects in the sidebar. Just click one to go straight to the free patterns and tutorials, but I reccommend that you spend some time on the whole site, getting to know Jacquie's world. She works in other crafts besides crochet, and regularly publishes her artwork and photography. 

  3. Sarah London

    Everything you need to know about using color you can learn from Sarah. A published author and craft professional, her site is a bit more commercial (she has a pattern store on the site) than the others I have listed, but still offers lots of freebies and inspiring posts.

    I first became familiar with Sarah when I bought her book, Granny Square Love.

    Every page is accompanied by a color commentary. I made a series of stoolcovers based on Sarah's patterns and successfully sold them on Etsy.

    My efforts:


  4. Emma Lamb

    Emma Lamb offers few if any freebies on her site, but don't worry, you'll find plenty to inspire and explore. Emma is a great example of someone who took a lifelong love of a simple craft and turned it into a business. Her blog is lovely and filled with useful information. She also promotes the craft and Etsy community with her regular Etsy Picks.

  5. Cherry Heart

    Sandra of Cherry Heart has a number of good project tutorials on her pretty blog. Not only that, but she offers several good technique tutorials to keep you up to speed with basic skills. One of my favorite things to crochet is pillows, but after I made a few gorgeous pillows, I found that I had neglected to provide a way to clean them. Luckily, Sandra has published a tutorial about making a removable envelope that buttons in the back. Just stuff your pillow, then button off and removed when its time to wash.

    Her giant granny square afghan is a sight to behold and she also publishes articles on knitting and decorating and has a unique section called Color Collaborative, in which she trades color  palettes with contributors.

  6. Moogly

    Moogly's title says it all...

    Moogly...Crochet  Knitting  World Domination

    Moogly isn't as pretty and lifestyle oriented as the other blogs I've listed, but it's a treasure trove of free patterns and tutorials. There are categories for different types of crochet patterns from a wide variiety of contributors. As I was checking on it for this article I spotted these slippers. Definitely on my to-make list.

    Moogly is where you go to get patterns for lots of things you can actually use: bags and purses, bath items like soap holders, dishcloths, and many more. Also featured are lots of baby and toddler patterns..all free!

  7. Hopeful Honey

    Vintage design is one of my great loves. Olivia, of Hopeful Honey makes vintage crochet the focus of her blog, along with hair and beauty tips, jewellry tutorials, and crochet basics. Need to know how to make a 1920's style cloche or a flapper hat? Olivia has the patterns. Her photography is also great and the layout of her blog is fresh and clean.



  8. Knitting and Crochet on Facebook

    I'm going to diverge from my rule of only including sites with professional or near professional quality photography  to recommend the Knitting and Crochet community on Facebook. Crochet and other crafts can sometimes be a lonely pursuit. Knitting and Crochet's 12,000+ members are standing by to give you a sense of community and sometimes a lot of validation. Members take quick pictures of their projects and post them. There's always someone online to provide you with a little quick encouragement by liking or commenting on your project. Some self promotion is allowed, but the moderators do a good job of limiting that so the site doesn't get oevrwhelmed by self-promotion and spam.

  9. Daisy Cottage Designs

    Lauren of Daisy Cottage Designs won my heart by publishing a granny heart square pattern I've been looking for forever. She has young children and has created some of the prettiest baby blanket patterns I've seen.

    Her blog is very family orented, with some yummy recipes and crafts for kids.

  10. According To Matt

    A new discovery of mine! One of the few male crochet bloggers I know of has some of the best and most original designs. Take a look at his ladybug clock:

    It really works! Matt started off with a craft store clock mechanism and a round cardboard base. I am so dooing this. I can see me selling these on Etsy. He also does a great bunting, a spiral cushion, pom pom flowers, and more. All with great phtography and clear-as-crystal tutorials. I wish I'd found According to Matt a long time ago!

There you have it. A roundup of my favorite crochet blogs. There are also so very nice blogs that sometimes have crochet but don't focus on it, like Coco Rose Diaries, Cozy Things, and Rosehip