In a nutshell, the purpose of your personal film roll

Published: April 2, 2021

In a nutshell, the purpose of your personal film roll is to record your progress on your project so that you can look back and review it later. But in order to make the most out of this process, there are several things you need to consider including: what shots you want included, how many and where they should be used, and what camera and lens you will be using. There's also a few things that you'll want to keep in mind while editing, such as where and how to cut the footage, the quality of the sound, the continuity and the mood of the video.Custom camera roll


If you're just starting out with your own videos, or you haven't yet completed your first short, you'll probably be better off starting with a short personal film roll that showcases one segment of your work. You can then edit this roll down into a rough cut and then continue with the process until you're happy with the final result. But if you find that something is missing or that something needs to be tightened up or expanded upon, this type of cutting and editing may not be enough to do the job.


When it comes to using your personal film roll to edit your own video, you have several options. First and foremost, you can just simply attach all of the files for the clips you want included on a single disc and save it as a single, compressed file. However, if you know what you're doing, this can lead to a lot of wasted time because you'll have to go through each and every one individually to find the right shot or to locate the right sound to use. One way to simplify your process is to use a camera roll keychain DVD burning program so that you can create a copy of your movie on another computer and then copy and burn that to a blank disc so that you can immediately begin editing.

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