The Best Childrens Brands

Published: August 6, 2014

The list is best childrens clothing brands. This list is a compialtion, of the bests quality childres brands. I have judged the items and brands, according to the supply and demand in my shop, and what I have experienced personally.

  1. Matilda Jane

    INcredibly adorable, with crazy patterns, and ruffles galore. Matilda Janes, also offers a heavy duty material, that will be free of snags, and holes. The cost can be pricy however

  2. Alex and Alexa

    Alex and Alexa brand offers, a wide variety of childrens clothes, and designs. This posh brand will be keeping you little one styling in the best! 

  3. Giggle Moon

    Giggle Moon, is a brand much like Matilda Jane, however in my experience, the material isn't as heavy, and the lighter colors tend to show stains more often.

  4. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie offers a variety of posh, upscale childrens designs. They also offer childres blankets, and snuggle buddies. Mud Pie is a huge hit at our store. It is the cheaper of the brands. But alot of the stuff is white, or has tulle. The only bad thing about the tulle is I have noticed it doesn't hold up well, especially with a toddler who is scooting around and playing everywhere. 

Matilda Jane, and Giggle Moon fly off the rack as soon as we get it in. it's pricey but well worth it. Alex and Alexa, is a cheaper but still very posh brand. They have alot of different styles, and designs. Mud Pie is a huge hit, not only in my stoer but others as well. It festures, cute fabric, and animals, also alot of it has tulles, or ribbon ruffles. Mud Pie is the cheapest of the 4 but the quality doesn't dissapoint.