Top 10 Bars, Pubs & Clubs in Grand Rapids, MI

Published: August 1, 2014

Grand Rapids, MI is known as Beer City, USA, so it's no surprise that there are several exciting places throughout the city that are optimized to bring you one of the best night-life experiences that Michigan has to offer.

  1. Founders Brewing Company


    With over 15 beers on tap, weekly specials, and free concerts, Founders Brewing Company is one of the best places to go in Grand Rapids if you are looking to drink some delicious locally brewed craft beer. Everything that is served inside the walls of Founders' Tap Room is an original concoction designed and perfected by the legendary Founders brewers themselves.

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  2. Hopcat

    Hopcat is more than deserving of the number two seat on the list of top ten places to go out in Grand Rapids. On weekdays they have a burger and a beer combo for only $6 which is (literally) an unbeatable deal inside Downtown Grand Rapids. They also offer a wide selection of craft brews from all over the country as well as several that they brew themselves within the Hopcat facility.

    They have also begun branching out to other areas of MI, with a recently opened pub in Detroit and another one on the way in East Lansing.

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  3. Stella's

    Stella's has a lot to offer, including a massive selection of specialty whiskey, retro video games, and what has been designated the "best burger in Grand Rapids." They also have an elaborate vegan menu and a fully stocked bar, making this an eccentric and exciting place to spend a night out in Grand Rapids.

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  4. The Intersection

    The Intersection is primarily a concert venue, but due to its wide array of exceptionally fantastic shows that come through, it has earned the number four spot on the best places to go out in Grand Rapids. There are multiple bars contained within the establishment, and always an act or two worth seeing on any given day of the week. They've been around for over 30 years and continue to regularly sell out events, so it's safe to say that this will remain one of Grand Rapids' hottest spots for years to come.

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  5. The B.O.B.

    The B.O.B. is one of Grand Rapids' finest attractions. With 4 floors each offering their own unique after-hours experience, there is truly something for everyone at the B.O.B. Within the enormous establishment that is the B.O.B., one will find Judson's Steakhouse, Gilly's, Eve, Crush, Bobarino's, Dr. Grin's Comedy Club, B.O.B.'s Brewery, and Gilmore Collection Catering. So if you've got the extra cash to spend, the B.O.B. can offer a wider range of experiences than any other place on this list. 

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  6. Grand Rapids Brewing Company

    This establishment has some deep-running roots and is heavily connected with some of the other places on this list. Much like Hopcat and Founders, Grand Rapids Brewing Company offers a wide selection of their own unique craft brews for any of-age person that walks through their door.

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  7. The Pyramid Scheme

    This hole-in-the wall bar offers a unique night-life experience. They have concerts almost every night in a seperate back-room venue. They offer great drink specials several nights of the week (and even when they don't, the prices are more than reasonable). Another unique feature of this bar is the plethora of pinball tables that are constantly cycling in and out offering any retro pinball wizard the opportunity to drink great drinks, listen to great music, and have fun playing pinball.


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  8. The Mitten Brewing Company

    This is a new brewing company in Grand Rapids, and the residents have been warming up nicely to their presence. They have a wide range of originally crafted beers as well as weekly events such as trivia and more!

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  9. McFadden's

    If you're looking for a night of dancing and drinking to top 40 hits spun by local DJ's, this is the place for you. McFadden's has great weeknight specials and on the weekends it is one of the best places to go dance the night away with your friends. They also have other events such as open mic nights and other various entertainment weekly and bi-weekly.

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  10. The Meanwhile

    This East-Town honorary mention offers a similar experience to The Pyramid Scheme (with the retro feel and pinball machines), but does not have concerts and it is slightly smaller. However, the drinks are cheaper and the place fills out every night of the week. You just can't beat $3 pitchers of PBR.

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As you can see, it is quite apparent why Grand Rapids has been deemed "Beer City, USA." The city offers one of the best night-life experiences that money can buy by offering a wide range of atmospheres to become emerged in. Whether you're out for a high quality beer, a high quality whiskey, or just to go dancing with your friends, Grand Rapids has it all.