The Best Housecleaners in NYC

Published: August 1, 2014

If you live in New York City chances are that you have needed a housecleaner at some point in the past. But the question is , where can you find one? New York can be very overwhelming sometimes especially if you have just moved here. That is why I am going to tell you the top 10 best cleaning services in New York City.

  1. Maid Marines Cleaning Service

    This is by far the best cleaning service in NYC. They are cheap , affordable and most importantly , they bring their own supplies! (You would think all cleaners bring supplies but you would be very suprised that some don't). The rest of cleaning services are very good but I will not go into as much deatail , only listing the price.

    PRICE: 139$

  2. Anna’s Cleaning Service

    PRICE: 25$ per hour , 3 hour minimum

    This service was decent and cleaned very well. One problem I have to say is that a specific cleaner of their cleaned very slowly . I did not like that because she  was being paid by the hour but it was ok because she did a very fantastic job in the end.

  3. MyClean

    These people take their job very seriously. They came and cleaned my apartment in less than hour. I was so happy that I ahd to generously tip the young man who had done the job. If you pay for these people , I garauntee you will get your money's worth.

    PRICE : 150$

  4. Joanna Cleaning Service

    PRICE : 75$ for 2 hours

    Very good and efficient cleaners , the price is ok for the service they perform , but again like many others paid hourly , I would prefer if they did the job a little faster. Other than that everything else was ok in my opinion.

  5. Homejoy

    PRICE : 65$ for 3 hours minimum

    The 3 hour minimum kind of got to me a little. I do not see why it would take someone 3 hours to clean my apartment but i reluctantly agreed. It was worth it  because my place has never been cleaner. The price and time would kind of be a deal breaker for most people though. 

  6. Handybook

    Price : 100 dollars

    VEry nice and affordable. The cleaning service a bit on the weaker side , with some untouched corners and such but that was ok because she later went back in did them. Other than that , I do not have anything else to ay about their service , negative or vice versa.

  7. EZ Carpet and flooring Services

    Price : 90 dollars per 2 hours\

    This service is mainly for carpet and flooring and not the whol apartment which is why they are not higher up on the list. They did a very good job though.

  8. Synergy Maids

    Price ; variable and subject to change

    These was a very good service that should have been higher on the list. The only problem that they had was that they were too good. How is this a problem, you ask? Since they were in such high demand , it was so hard to get a hold on one of their cleaners to come clean my apartment. Even when I had a reservation, they would sometimes be a little late which is ok sometime , but not when I have somewhere very important to be instaed of waiting for people to come clean my place.

  9. Snap Cleaning

    PRICE : 144 dollars per cleaning.

    Another decent cleaning service that was very good. Unfortunately they could not match up with the speed and efficiency of the other services on the list. 

  10. Wizard of Homes

    PRICE : Subject to change depending on size of job.

    THe reason this is at the bottom of the list is because although the service was very good , it wasn't quite on par with the other ones. It also demanding more money than I felt was suitable for such a job anyway.

Well , that that ! Now you know where to go for all your cleaning needs. Don,t use this guide as a rigid rule to follow by though. Just because there is a service lower on the list doesnt mean you shouldnt use them. Besides , they all made onto the top 10 didnt they? These are honestly the best ways to get your apartment cleaned in NYC in my opinion. I have used all of them and ranked them in the order that I saw fit. IF you work for one of these cleaning services and don't like your position , don't be saddened . I frequently use cleaning services and will revise the list as I see fit. Although there is one final thing is should add. There is one service that really should not be on the list after the ill treatment I recieved the last time i hired them. I will not name them in order to protect them for the sake of the other good employees. If I recieve such treatment again though they will be removed. Adios, and happy cleaning.