The Best Bodybuilders of all time.

Published: August 1, 2014

This is a list of the most talented, motivational, inspirational, and all around best bodybuilders of all time composed in a short list of 10.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian born bodybuilder, actor, politician, and businessman. His first notable claim to fame is winning the prestigious Mr.Universe bodybuilding competition at the age of 20.

    He is also noted for winning several Mr. Olympia awards. His movie star career started when he landed a role in 1982 as "Conan The Barbarian". Arnold has gloated in speeches and interviews as quoting director John Milius as saying "If we didn't have Schwarzenegger we would have to build one."

    In 1984, arguably in his most notable movie role to date, he starred in "The Terminator" a cyborg sent back in time. Arnold is also known for his famous line "I'll be back." He now resides in Los Angelos, California where he is involved in Philanthropy.

  2. Greg Plitt

    Greg Plitt is an American actor, fitness model, and motivational speaker. He is often referred to as "The world's top fitness model". He has appeared on more magazine covers in the past three years than any other model in his profession.

    He has modeled for several clothing brands such as Old Navy, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, and Modell's and Skimpy's. He has appeared in several magazines such as Maxim, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health, and Instinct Magazine.

    Greg's love of fitness began when he joined the United States Army where he served as an Army Ranger for 5 years. After his Military career he starred in "Days Of Our Lives" and "Workout", both TV series.

  3. Jay Cutler

    Jay Cutler is an American professional bodybuilder. He was born on August of 1973 in Massachusetts. Cutler's worth ethic began when he was 11, working for his family's concrete business. He started weight training as a senior in highschool at the age of 18. 

    Jay went on to pursue a career as a prison guard after obtaining a degree in criminal justice in 1993. This career path was changed however after he met a personal trainer. Jay then began to pursue a career in bodybuilding which proved fruitful as he went on to win Mr. Olympia 4 times.

    He has successfully released several self-promotion DVDs and is author of the book "CEO Muscle".

  4. Aziz Shavershian

    Aziz Shavershian, infamously know by his internet alias "Zyzz", was a Kurdish bodybuilder, internet icon, fitness model, and part-time stripper. He was the lead role in the TV series "The National Road Trip".

    Aziz grew up as a self-proclaimed "skinny kid" which inspired him to become active in bodybuilding and proper nutrition. In 2007, he began uploading several Youtube videos which soon went viral, launching him to internet stardom. 

    He was most notably known for his muscular and extreme lean physique, his outgoing and outlandish personality, and his positive quotes such as "We're all going to make to me it".

    Aziz tragically died while vacationing in Thailand in the summer of 2011. He is buried in a marked grave in New South Wales, Australia.

  5. Ronnie Coleman

    Ronnie Coleman is an American professional bodybuilder. He is most known for winning the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition 8 times, a record matched only by Lee Haney. He also holds the record as the most wins of any bodybuilder in history, with a record of 26.

    Coleman began his career in sports as a linebacker for Grambling State University. After graduating, he became a police officer for the city of Arlington, Texas. Soon after he began weight training which later led to his first competition win in 1990, as Mr. Texas.

    In 2011, he lauched his own sports nutrition and supplement company, named Ronnie Coleman Nutrition.

  6. Lou Ferrigno

    Lou Ferrigno is an American bodybuilder, personal fitness trainer and actor. He is most known for his starring role in the TV series "The Incredible Hulk". He has also appeared in the TV series "The King of Queens" and the movie "I Love you, Man".He has won two Mr. Universe titles consecutively, as well as one Mr. America title.

    Ferrigno began training after graduatiing high school in 1969, where he lived and trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio. Both athletes went onto star in the 1975 documentary "Pumping Iron". The fame didn't last long however, soon Lou found himself working in sheet metal factory in Brooklyn.

    He still resides in America with his wife and thier 3 children.

  7. Lee Priest

    Lee Priest is a Australian professional bodybuilder. Lee began bodybuilding at the young age of 12, often guest posing with his mother. He would go on to win Mr. Australia 3 years in a row. He holds the record for the youngest bodybuilder to turn professional at the age of 20.

    Priest is also an accomplished race car driver, most notably winning "Rookie of the year" in 2005, also later winning the "SCEDA Racing Championship" in 2006.

    Lee has also appeared in the TV series "Rescue Special Ops". Most currently he won the 2013 "NABBA Mr. Universe" and also has his own sports nutrition and supplement company titled "Assassin Nutrition".

  8. Dorian Yates

    Dorian Yates is an English Professional bodybuilder. His fitness career first started in 1987, when he purchased a gym in Birmingham, England. This would prove a worthy investment as he went on to win the Mr. Olympia type consecutively from 1992 to 1998.

    During this time he started a California-based company called Heavy Duty Inc. which marketed athletic clothing and bodybuilding self help books. He went on to form and leave several other companies, the most current being "DY Nutrition", a company which promotes DVDs and energy boosting supplements.

    He still resides in England where most recently released a trainer video called "Blood and Guts".

  9. Kai Greene

    Kai Green is an active professional bodybuilder from Brooklyn, New york. His rapid growth as a teen inspired win to become an athlete. His first win was in 1995 when he took 1st place in the "National Physique Committee". He then went on a 5 year hiatus in the spotlight, resurfacing in 2004, again winning 1st in the NPC. This contest would qualify him as a professional bodybuilder.

    After another long haitus, he reappeared to win the "New York Pro Championship" in 2011. He is also noted for placing 2nd twice in the "Mr. Olympia" contest. Most recently, Kai has been featured in the film "Generation Iron", which was released in 2013.


  10. Phil Heath

    Phil Heath is an American bodybuilder and current 1st place holder of "Mr.Olympia". Phil's athletic carrer began in high school where he played shooting guard for the Rainier Beach High School basketball team. After high school, he went on to play shooting guard for the University of Denver.

    Heath began weight training in 2002 and by 2005 went on to win the NPC Championships, qualifying him as a professional bodybuilder. He won several other championships after, eventually placing first in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

    Today, he is the current owner of "Gifted Nutrition", a company specializing in sports clothing and athletic supplements.


While all professional bodybuilders deserve respect, there are very few that become top tier in their profession. These are just the top ten in my humble opinion. Bodybuilding and weight training isn't an easy sport nor is it for everyone, but these athletes show us all just how far the body can be pushed and what greatness you can achieve.