10 best weapons for home defense (for the avg american)

Published: July 27, 2014

This list includes (without any particular order) the best weapons for the average class american. we don't want to sacrifce quality, because that's not safe, so thats why it's not called Cheapest Home Defense weapons.

  1. Pump Shotgun

    The Mossberg 500 is the only shotgun on the market to pass Mil specs so we can include it in the list based only on this testament to reliability. The Mossberg 500 flex is also a reasonably priced shotgun coming in at $720, while a special,short, home defense barrel can be purchased separately for under $200. Shotgun ammo is cheap, they are easy to aim and with the FLEX tooless system, very cheap to modify.

  2. Polymer "safety-less" pistol

    Glock Pistols are known for their durability and reliability. they come in at a reasonable $500 and are used by law enforcement. The .40 round is an ideal anti personell (anti-attacker) and the fact that the glock lacks a traditional safety means you'll never accidently pull a stiff trigger when you need to fire at a dangerous target on short notice. the double stack magazine means more ammunition at your disposal before reloading.

  3. Low Dollar High quality pistol

    there are reputable brands out there offering commendable copies of high end pistols.A Rock Island Armory 1911 pistol is not going to hurt your wallet but it will devastate any threat to your family. with countless accounts of reliability this colt1911 clone will not dissapoint you. coming in .45 acp the pistol packs a manly punch with classic accuracy at around $400.

  4. Military style Long gun

    At $700 The Smith and Wesson version of the AR 15 is both affordable and intimidating. Countless abuse tests have proven this rifle reliable and the fact that its 5.56 round is used by our armed forces to stop "bad guys" speaks volumes. Coupled with the dangerous looks of the military M4 this rifle most likely will fend off attackers at the mere sight of it.

  5. Revolver

    The economical advantage.Right off the bat a revolver is going to have an advantage in the price range as they are simpler to manufacture. Revolvers may load slower by using speed loaders or the old "one at a time" method, but you will never have to worry about an empty magazine. 

  6. Double barreled Boom Stick

    double barreled shotguns can be expensive when it comes to ornately decorated hunting shotguns. A simple double barrel for home defense however, can be picked up for around $100 if you look around enough. They are simlpler than pump or semi auto versions thus easier to find a quality low dollar form. you can leave them unloaded for safety and quickly load them in a pinch without fumbling with sliding parts.

  7. Any .22 caliber weapon

    By far the cheapest option is going to be an weapon chambered in .22 lr. the round is small and fires without noticeable recoil giving it 2 advantages. its easier on a novice to fire at a moments notice and the chances of a round passing through a target and causing collateral damage is almost non existant. in this caliber guns are cheaper, ammo is cheaper.

  8. Semi Auto Shotgun

    Tactical Semi Auto shotguns of any sort are going to be slightly more pricey due to their semi-auto nature. they hold just as many rounds as a pump but enable you to fire shot after shot without having to cycle a new shell. This will eliminate possible jams associated with pump shotguns. a mossberg 930spx can be picked up for around $780.

  9. tasers

    Some people don't have the time nor want to make the time to become familiar with a firearm (cleaning,loading,target practice) so i offer this alternative to firearms. A police class taser can be bought for around $400 and can incapacitate a threat long enough for law enforcement to arrive. easy to operate with no practice needed and virtually zero upkeep.


    if you buy a high powered pistol or a complicated long gun that you havent figured out how to operate with your eyes closed, then when a situation arrises you might be too scared to fire that cannon or migh not remember how to disengage that safety or even how to load your home defense weapon. So weather it be a Firearm, Taser, or baseball bat, make sure you are comfortable using it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my list. I hope every body can put aside some funds in order to secure their family and belongings so that together we can create a society that criminals are afraid to live in. If criminals don't know who is armed or better yet, assume that everyone is armed, they'll think twice before trying to take what isnt there's. after all fear is the biggest deterrent.