The Top Five Best Marvel Studios Movies

Published: November 15, 2013

This list will cover the best suphero movies that Marvel Studios has put out since the beginning of Phase 2. This means no movies before Iron Man was released. I will be taking into account the script, tone, cinematography and acting when judging these properties.

  1. Marvel's The Avengers

    How could this not be number one? The Avengers is everything that the entire Marvel cinematic universe has been building to. It had many ways it could have failed but getting director Joss Whedon involved secured many people's faith in the movie. Joss is well known for juggling multiple characters and giving them each a good amount of screen time and personal development. Marvel has learned to stop listening to studios and hire people who actually care about the characters and are not just out to make some money. A lot of people wondered just who would be the film's villian and Joss knew just how good Hiddleston's Loki was and knew he just had to be the villian again. Hiddleston is almost too good as now every other villian seems sub par.

    All of the main characters of the movie receive ample screen time and the last 30 minutes are a comic book and action movie lover's dream. It's amazing that a film of this magnitude could actually be released.

  2. Iron Man 3

    After two movies and a part in The Avengers, you'd think it would be hard to come up with a good story for the film's third installment as most film franchises do but Tony Stark is better than the average character. Robert Downey Jr. has played the character perfectly since the beginning of the franchise and he seems to only get better with each additional film. Many comic book fans have groaned over the use of The Madarin but I for one welcome telling different stories on the big screen.

  3. Iron Man

    The first film that started to boom for Marvel Studios makes it to number 3 on this list. Initially when it was announed that Iron Man would be made into a movie, it left many people scratching their heads. Not many people really knew about Iron Man and he actually wasn't a big character in the Marvel comics universe. The film has a great script and a good director but the reason it was so sucessful was because of Robert Downey Jr. He was perfectly cast with a spot on portrayal and it revitalized his entire career. The movie was a huge sucess and went on to open the flood gates for future Marvel movies

  4. Thor

    There are quite a bit of problems with Thor's script but the sheer fun of the movie more than makes up for it. Relative unknown Chris Hemsworth was chosen for the role and has far exceeded expectations for how Thor should be played. He is so good at being Thor that it's almost a shame because he is outshined by Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Portman and Denning's characters are weak points in the film but Thor is still a great all around fun time at the movies.

  5. The Incredible Hulk

    After Hulk failed to reach an audience the last time, it came as a surprise that they would be rebooting the series, this time with Ed Norton in the lead. Norton was a weird choice and is slightly miscast but the movie is still very good. Tim Roth plays the villian and it's a very nice slow turn culminates when he faces The Hulk in the film's fun finale.

The Avenger's is clearly the best super hero movie to date, period. There are many things that attribute to it's rank as number one, most namely, it has the benefit of not being an orgin story. It was able to bring together numerous already established characters and gave them each something to do. A task like that is a big undertaking and is succeeded on all fronts. It will be interesting to see if they can do it again for Avenger's 2.