The best amusement parks

Published: July 18, 2014

This list describes the top ten theme parks that I have been to in my life.  Theme parks are great trip for everyone and make for great experiences and memories for everyone.

  1. Walt Disney World

    Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida.  It easily takes the top spot in our list.  Disney World really has it all for everyone.  Everyone has something to enjoy at this great theme park.  The rides are top notch for all ages, the kids certainly enjoy all of the dressed up disney characters and it is a flashback to older generations childhoods.  The food is great, the rides are great, the workers are great, everything disney is amazing and takes the top spot with ease.

  2. Universal Studios

    The second spot goes to the great Universial Studios in Orlando, Florida.  This is another great theme park for everyone of all ages.  Themed with the all the movies from Universal Studios such as Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Shrek.  With all the great themes and great entertainment its easy to see why Universal Studios takes number 2.

  3. King's Island

    King's Island is one of the best parks out there.  Located in Ohio there is a lot to do.  Some of the best roller coasters in the nation are located at this park.  Rides such as the Banshee, Firehawk, and the Beast.  Along witht he great thrill rides there is a great waterpark to go to for those hot summer days.  Soak City waterpark has amazing water slides lounging areas for adults everything you would want in a water park.  Along with that there is a great kids area with tons of attractions and things to do.  With all the live entertainment and great rides its one of the best parks in the nation.

  4. Cedar Point

    Cedar Point is located in Ohio.  It has some of the best rides in the nation.  Rides such as the top speed dragster the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world.  Other rides like the maverick and the corkscrew.  Along with that there is a great hotel spot right on lake erie.  So after a long day at the park you can go enjoy the beach for the evening and cool down for those hot summer days.  They also have a great halloween theme they during october.  They decorate the park and have a great halloween theme for most of October so everyone can go to enjoy.

  5. Busch Gardens Tampa

    Busch Gardens is located in Tampa, Florida.  This is a very cool theme park for many reasons.  With plenty of rides for people to ride on, but what makes it great is all the interaction with wildlife.  This is great for family trips for everyone to enjoy.  The kids especially love getting to see animals such as cheetahs and lions up close.  The trip makes for a very cool experience putting it at number 5 on the list.

  6. Dollywood

    Dollywood is located in Tennessee. It is a theme park with a theme park and a water park.  Both parks have really great rides for everyone.  The theme park has rides such as the barnstormer and the Firechaser express.  With all these great rides they also host many festivals in the theme park.  Festivals like the Great American Summer and the Festival of Nations are very popular festivals to attend that are great for everyone.  The waterparks is one of the better ones I have been to.  Amazing slides like RiverRush make it one of my favorite water parks around.

  7. Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Six flags Magic Mountain is located LA, California.  Great place with tons of thrill rides that make it amazing.  Rides like the Apocalypse and BATMAN the ride.  The super hero themed rides are great rides are great for children and and everyone to enjoy.  The whole experience is really what makes it a great park.  The dining experience and live entertainment make the whole place worthwhile.

  8. Hersheypark

    Hersheypark located in Pennsylvania is a great Hershey themed park.  The thrill rides are chocolate themed and are great for everyone.  They have a great Zooameria that isi a great Zoo for everyone to enjoy.  They call it "The sweetest place on earth" for a reason.

  9. Holiday World

    Holiday World is located in Indiana.  A huge park in Indiana that has all the rides and all of the water slides a family would want.  It is a family owned operation which is why it can't afford some of the larger great attractions that the bigger parks can that bring people in.  Although it is a great trip for families and everyone to enjoy.

  10. Kennywood

    Last in the list is Kennywood located in Pittsburgh.  Recently they removed some of their better rides thus lowering it on the list.  Even so Kennywood is a fun little park to attend for a day and to get outside and go on a few rides and enjoy some water slides.  Tons of games and rides that still make for an entertaining day.

Thats the top ten theme parks I have been to in my opinion.  All worthy of the top ten.  I would love to get the chance to go to any other parks that I might have missed out on.