The 10 Best Restaurants in Northeast Minneapolis

Published: July 16, 2014

Whenever people come to Minnesota they wonder where the best places are to eat and have a good time.  Why not get out of the immediate area by the airport and try some of the best places in the city that have been around for generations?! Or if you're from here and are looking for new places to try, this is the area to go to. Northeast Minneapolis provides many of the most well-known places in the state with great food, people, and atmospheres.

  1. Stanley's Bar Room Northeast

    This place has it all.  Try out the amazing brunch that goes until 2pm which includes $2 memosas and bloody mary's.  If it's the summertime, enjoy it out on the patio!  Missed Sunday Funday and want to squeeze in some fun time during the week?  Get in for their bingo nights and enjoy a sports game, appetizer (try the spinach dip), and a cold brew with your friends.  


    Throughout the year, Stanley's has beer festivals, one of which is called the Beer and Bacon Festival.  You heard that right, Beer and Bacon! They shut down about 4 blocks and you just walk around with your newly acquired beer glass, fill up with as many craft beers as you can fit in your belly, nibble on your pretzel necklace and enjoy bacon, all the bacon. Love football?  They have a large screening room set-up during football season so you can watch the Minnesota Vikings in all of their purple glory on the big screen, while enjoying one of the many craft beers carried by Stanley's.  Not sure which craft beer to try or would like to try a new one? Just ask the amazingly friendly and knowledgeable wait staff, they never steer you wrong!

  2. Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

    Anytime you say, "We're going to Suzi's!", people automatically respond with, "Tator tots!".  Anytime you go here, that is a must order along with one of their famous tiki drinks, and don't forget to say you want the Rock Sauce.  If you loved your tiki drink mug, you can even buy one and there are many to choose from.  


    Boasting the biggest patio in Northeast Minneapolis, in the summertime you'll always find a place to sit outside, overlooking the river while you enjoy your tots and a tiki drink.  Not one for tator tots and cocktails? No worries.  The pizza here is mouth watering and they carry any drink, beer and craft beer you can think of, as well as a "Build Your Own" bloody mary bar during Sunday Brunch.


    Psycho Suzi's is also two levels, which means you can hang out downstairs on the patio, in the dining room, or at the bar, or you can go upstairs and hang out in the Shrunken Head Bar and listen to some music. And yes, there are shrunken heads (fake ones, we think), hanging out at the bar with you.

  3. Nye's Polonaise Room

    Nye's is an institution, having been around since the 1950's in a building that has been standing since the 1880's.  It is an establishment that gathers young and old from open until close.  When you walk into Nye's you literally step into a time-warp.  The decor reflects the exact time period it was established in with low lighting, dark wood paneling, candles at each table,red carpets, gold booths, a piano (with singer), and multi-colored low-hanging light lamps.


    This is the place in Northeast to come for wine or a martini (actually, get both), a lounge atmosphere, and to devour as much of the delicious polish menu as you can.  While you eat, the piano player sings and very often takes requests for just about anything you want from "Don't Stop Believing" to "Danny Boy", and will even let you sing along with him! Quite often, the bar and restaurant patrons all join in and sing together, so don't be shy!  


    Don't forget to step into the "Polka Lounge", either. Grab a spot in the Polka Lounge bar, order a beer and try your hand at the polka dance! Before you leave, jump into the photo booth with your friends and snap some memorable photos.

  4. Gasthof Zur Gemutlichkeit

    As it's known in Northeast, Gasthof's is the resident German establishment and the primary spot for Octoberfest.  It is also the one place you will always find patrons wearing authentic German Lederhosen (leather breeches), and dancing to polka music while enjoying a tall mug of German beer.  For a fun night out, this is a great place to go.  The downstairs stays open at night and has a polka band that always plays a hilarious version of the Hokey Pokey, a DJ, long wooden tables and benches, and the famous Das Boot.  Fill the Das Boot with your beer of choice and share with your friends!  It is required to sing the song, you'll hear it in all of it's glory every few minutes as patrons around you are enjoying their own Das Boot.  Just don't set the mug down or you'll be required to finish it off by yourself!


    During the day the restaurant has the best German food you'll ever have. Featured on Man vs. Food on the Food Network, try your hand at the Meter Bratwurst Challenge, or one of the many other delicious items on the menu.  Each category comes with it's own recommendation of what kind of wine or beer to have with it so that you get the full and best experience possible.

  5. Tony Jaros River Garden

    One word; Greenie. A delicious lime and vodka concoction otherwise known to locals as "The Big Mean Greenie". It is the primary and most famous (or infamous depending on how many you consume), drink at this small Northeast Bar.  It also comes in blue, pink and purple, so try all four!  If you need some substance with that colorful cocktail, order yourself their hand made pork tenderloin sandwich and melt into the booth, you won't regret it!


    The establishment was opened by local professional basketball player, Tony Jaros, who was from Northeast Minneapolis.  Since his passing, his family has kept it running.  If you want a great atmosphere and true neighborhood charm?  This is the place to go!

  6. Modern Cafe

    The Modern Cafe boasts a motto "All You Can Eat for as Much as it Costs", and it doesn't disappoint.  The establishment is set in an old 1940's building, providing old Northeast charm with a modern twist.  The menu is ever changing with the seasons as they use only local ingredients, and put a french spin on diner classics.  As the menu is not always the same, it's hard to recommend just one thing. So, while you're there, try as much as you can!  Make sure to enjoy a cappuccino with breakfast or dessert, or a fancy soda with your lunch or dinner.  


    There's something on the menu to satisfy anything you could want and more.  Guy Fieri stopped in and featured this local gem on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Clearly, the Food Network loves Northeast Minneapolis!

  7. Jax Cafe

    Having been around since the end of Prohibition, Jax is truly one of the original establishments of Northeast, along with others on this list.  Jax is the only place in Northeast that offers a live Maine Lobster.  Go ahead and pick your meal fresh out of the tank!  At only $30 for the lobster meal, this is a must try if you have a craving.  Try the brunch buffet or come in for lunch or dinner after being at the game or after even shopping!  


    Jax has a bit of a more upscale feel but still very laid back and relaxing atmosphere.  If you love wine, this is the place to stop into and try anything your wino heart desires off of their extensive wine list.  Go ahead and order by the bottle and match it up with one of their delicious appetizers!

  8. Mayslack's

    Where do you go in Northeast after the Vikes game, or the Twins? Or even to watch the game? Definitely Mayslack's!  Order the beer of the month, the classic roast beef sandwich, hang out in a booth or at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere.  The regulars here are long standing locals and will be your best friend within 5 minutes.  


    This establishment also has a great patio just outside of the music room where you can eat, drink and be merry while listening to fun, local musicians!  This dive bar has been around since your grandparents started courting.  It brings patrons of all generations and there's no better place to come for a great burger and fries, or to just have an absolutely great night out with your friends!

  9. Ideal Diner

    This is the place most locals of the area grow up coming to.  Established in 1949, this is an institution.  With an extremely affordable and greatly satisfying diner menu, and small but comfortable and happy atmosphere, you can't miss out on stopping into Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, it's almost a requirement because you have to take the opportunity to stop into this long standing establishment and enjoy what so many 'Nordeasters' have for generations.  

  10. Hazel's Northeast

    Did somebody say, "Bread Pudding"?  A great diner with a phenomonal comfort food menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  It's so difficult to decide which menu item to order that you literally want to come back for each different meal hour so that you can order as many of the dishes as possible.  There is something on the menu to satisfy every palette and every craving.  Be sure to leave room for bread pudding, which changes slightly depending on the season, but is mouth watering and savory every time.  With a great, laid back, quaint atmosphere, and epic diner menu, you'll leave here with a loose belt.  Elastic waistbands are recommended.

It's impossible to choose which of these places is the best in Northeast.  They all have a charm of their own and each offer something completely different.  

Decisions are made based upon whatever mood strikes you!  Or, don't decide at all, try them all during your visit! If you're from Minnesota but haven't been to this neck of the woods yet, come on over and find your new favorite place.