The Top Ten Reasons to go to Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunts

Published: July 13, 2014

Every year I am asked why I keep coming back to Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunts.  For me there are many reasons, not the least of which is the extremely low cost of the rides and haunted houses when compared to stand alone houses in downtown Kansas City.  I have included everything from where to eat and drink, where to get scared, what to see and what to do.  The list is a true compilation of my experiences and those of the park visitors I talk to each time.  Below you will find the top ten reasons you should go to Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunts.  Be prepared to scream!

  1. Asylum Island

    Otherwise known as Lakeside Mental Hospital, this is hands down the scariest haunted house at Halloween Haunts.  Everything from the "scharacters" to the set are truly horrifying.  The attention to detail and secluded location is what makes this house so scream worthy.  If the jump scares and just plain creepy scenes are not enough, the strobe light maze will surely solidify its place in the Horror Hall of Fame.  The strobe lights are so disorienting and the walls keep changing, courtesy of some very disturbing nurses.  Find your way out quickly or you just might have one of the staff follow you home.  This house is located in the farthest corner of Worlds of Fun in the passage between Worlds and Oceans of Fun.

  2. Corn Stalkers

    If you are old enough or lucky enough to remember the Children of the Corn this is the haunt for you.  The entire maze is constructed of dried corn husks.  This makes the experience that much creepier as every move anyone makes sends a ripple of dried husk noises all around you.  It is difficult to tell where anyone is and where the scares will come from.  This maze is located in Africa near The Fury of the Nile.

    Special Tip-This maze is MUCH better earlier in the season before the corn has deteriorated.


  3. The Monkey and the Child Catcher

    These two are a show in and of themselves.  They have been a fixture at Halloween Haunts for years and they continue to terrify even the bravest of souls.  They are almost always seen together and they are excellent at the "sneak attack".  Usually the Child Catcher will engage you in conversation, complete with creepy British accent, and the Monkey will sneak up behind you and bang his cymbals.  The Monkey never speaks and that makes the scare that much better.  The unique pair can usually be found in the Americana or Europa areas of Worlds of Fun.  Seek them out but be warned you will squeel.

  4. Battlecreek BBQ

    I know I'm going to get flack for this one.  Here me out first.  The food is not the main reason I like this place.  That being said Worlds of Fun has made a concerted effort to improve food here and all around the park this year.  It is definitely a noticebale and needed change.  That being said, my reasons for placing this on my list include the only full service bar in the park and the many "scharacters" which frequent the establishment.  You can have a drink and sit on the deck and literally watch ten to fifteen "scharacters" in twenty minutes.  The Cowboys of Outlaws Revenge are quite athletic with their sliding tricks on everything from shovels to their knees.  The Clowns of Carnevil often make an appearance as well.  This is the best place to enjoy the scares without standing in line.  If you enjoy adult beverages and people watching Battlecreek BBQ can't be beat.  It is located in Americana not far from the train station.

  5. Carnevil

    Speaking of the Clowns.....

    These guys mean business.  They are scary as can be and there is never a line.  This is the best place to start your tour as the area is fairly small and the scares are not quite as intense as some of the other mazes.  This zone is located torwards the front of the park in Americana.  Stop here first before heading over to Battlecreek BBQ for some liquid courage or a snack. 

    Special Tip-The clowns who guard the door are great about taking pictures and will gladly put a scare or smile on your face.


  6. Inferno

    Athleticism, bravery, fire eating and contortionism are all on display at this walk through attraction.  Magic shows, acrobatic shows and feats of bravery can all be found.  The entrance to this lively and amazing attraction is in the heart of Americana near the Patriot.  If you don't like one show stick around and another will start any minute.  Grab a snack and watch awhile.  Cedar Park has had this troupe in a number of its parks for years and I can see why.  The sheer number of shows and talents combined with nonstop action propel this to number 6 on the list.


  7. Skeleton Key and Fright Lane Pass

    If you are only going to go to Haunts once, buy a Fright Lane Pass and Skeleton Key.  It does add to your price significantly but it is well worth it.  With this pass you enter each of the main mazes from a special line that is MUCH shorter than the regular line.  When I have used this before I never waited more that three minutes to enter a house.  The convenience of zipping from one maze to another should not be undervalued.

    If you have Season Passes, only get the Skeleton Key.  The Skeleton Key unlocks several very secret and very scary rooms within the mazes themselves.  They sell very few keys and as a result the "special" rooms are never crowded and always terrifying. 

    Pricing is not yet out for 2014 but I expect the prices to be similar to 2013.  See the 2013 prices here. 


  8. Lore of the Vampire Featuring Club Blood

    As the longest Haunted House in the park this one can't be missed.  It is one of the oldest mazes set in the Orient area of the park, near the old Orient Express.  This house winds it way all around and just when you think you are safe, you descend some stairs to the dank Club Blood.  This house is often overlooked and remains fairly clear even in the largest attendance nights.  The "scharacters" are some of the most professional and abundant in the park. 

    Special Tip-Go in October as the building can heat up greatly during the warmer September nights.

  9. The Overlord's Awakening

    The sheer size of this guy is worth the pain to arrive early enough to get a good viewing spot.  The Overlord rises from inside a building to stand atop the roof.  When I say stand I mean he towers above everyone on stilts no less.  He summons all the demons, ghosts and mosters to parade past the onlookers on their way to their respective houses and zones.  The pre-music and fog set the stage for a very unique experience.  This is a great place to get up close and personal with these monsters.

    Special Tip-Arrive at least thirty minutes before show time at the park.  The Overlord appears right in the front of Scandanavia as you enter.

  10. The rides

    This is a no brainer.  The often ignored rides during Haunts usually have very little if any wait.  You could easily ride all the coasters in one evening.  The later in the evening the better and steer clear of large crowds leaving shows.  The audience from Meat Cleaver High at the Moulin Rouge Theatre frequently make a bee line for the Boomerang and the Prowler.  Avoid this area about thirty minutes after showtimes begin.

    Special Tip-The Patriot almost never has a line after 9 any day of the week but especially during Haunts.


The reasons to go are many.  These are just my top ten.  There truly is something for everyone.  Whether you love to be scared or simply enjoy nice weather and people watching you will be pleased.  The pricing details are scarce right now.  Check the Worlds of Fun site often for additional information.  If you have a free weekend night in September or October come down if you dare.  The demons are waiting for you.