10 Best Screen-Free Things to Do for Free Anywhere. Anytime. With Anyone.

Published: July 13, 2014

We are all stuck on our screens and slowly forgetting how to have fun on our own. Here are ten things to do that will spark your imagination and help you have fun again. And they all are free!

  1. Make your dream house...out of the recycling!

    Use old cardboard boxes for walls, yogurt cups for towers, a pizza box for the base. See what dreamy creations you can come up with!

  2. Lay in the yard and look at the clouds.

    Look at the world from a new perspective, soak in some sun, and see what the sky has to offer.

  3. Draw on your car with soap.

    Use a bar of soap as a crayon and draw on your car! Don't worry about skill, just have fun! It will wash off in the next rainstorm.

  4. Play in a rainstorm.

    Is it raining? Put on your swimsuit and dash outside to get a free shower! Seriously. Abandon yourself to the moment and play in the rain. It's totally freeing.

  5. Have a snowball fight.

    Just because it may be cold outside is no reason to hide out on the couch! Get outside and build up an arsenal of snowflake filled weapons! Store them up for later or have a fight right now!

  6. Play Paper Football

    All you need is a folded up strip of paper and a tabletop for this middle school throwback. (Never played? Check it out here)

  7. Dance around the house

    Put on your favorite dance tunes and let loose! (Clothing optional!)

  8. Draw.

    It's simple but so much fun. Put together a bowl of fruit to do a classic still life. Or take a handful of markers and draw your emotions.

  9. Practice Whistling.

    No explanation needed. Most of us could probably improve our whistling skills. Even if you're hopeless, your family will still think it's hilarious to watch you try!

  10. Call a Long Lost Friend and Catch Up.

    We all have a friend or two that we have lost touch with. Give them a ring and let them know what they mean to you.

Open up your imagination and have fun! There are so many exciting things to do right there at your house!