Top 10 LCS Players Summer Split 2014

Published: July 11, 2014

League of Legends is a free-to-play online computer game created by Riot Games. Since the game's inception, League of Legends has constantly been the most popular multiplayer video game of all time.  Riot Games reported 27 Million summoners visit the rift every day.

The League Championship Series (LCS) is a weekly four to six hour broadcast of the top eight profession teams.  There are two splits per season, with season four championships a few short months away.  Team ranking are volatile throughout each season, as underdog teams get better while better teams fail to adapt to the meta-game.  With constant rise and fall of the top eight teams, the professional players also fall and are replaced by better counterparts.  

Below are the top performaning professional players of the 2014 League Championship Series Summer Split, based on lane mechanics, teamfight awareness, and overall skill.    The list will judge all current professional players.

  1. DIG Shiptur

    Danny 'Shiptur' Le: Mid Lane: Team Dignitas

    Even during the 2014 Spring Split as the mid laner of Team Coast, Shiptur shined like a star.  Heralded as the rank 1 Challenger, he consistently performed high-impact plays to keep Coast from hitting relegation.  Unfortunately, teamwork ultimately wins games, and Coast was relegated from the LCS.

    Acquired by Team Dignitas for the 2014 Summer Split, Shiptur is finally rewarded with teammates just as competent. He always makes game changing plays and has consistently outplayed the top mid laners in NA.   It isn't surprising Shiptur is leading the KDA charts, almost three whole points above the second place contender.

  2. LMQ XiaoWeiXiao

    Xian 'XiaoWeiXiao' Yu: Mid Lane: LMQ

    Before XiaoWeiXiao and LMQ ascended into the LCS, critics questioned why an ordinary player was selected for a team gunning for the top.  While he solid mechanics, his play just wasn't top tier.  But that, was the old XiaoWeiXiao.

    Lifting his team to tie for rank 1, XWX has silenced critics worldwide. While he wins lane consistently, what sets him apart from the rest is his extraordinary ability to stack gold.  XWX consistently leads his lane in CS and even when losing lane, remains a threat.  He currently leads the charts in GPM and AVG Total Gold.

  3. TSM Bjergsen

    Soren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg: Mid Lane: Team Solo Mid

    Once the crown prince of mid lane, Bjergsen now sits at a close third.  He has been underperforming lately, but so has the entire TSM roster.  Mid lane is where jungle synergy is tested, and new jungler Amazing has been struggling to sync up with the self-proclaimed BjergerKing.  

    Despite his performance, Bjergsen remains very visible on the stats chart.  He is second only to Shiptur in KDA, and ranks second and third in GPM and AVG Gold, respectively.

    His name constantly comes up in conversations about the best mid laners in the history of NA.  Despite statitiscally behind Shiptur, Bjergson is still considered the better player; as team performance and jungle synergy are taken in consideration.

  4. DIG Crumbzz

    Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo: Jungler: Team Dignitas

    Crumbzz was always top 20 on the challenger ladder, yet not many people credited his play.  With the addition of Shiptur and Zionspartan to the roster, Crumbzz suddenly had all the firepower he needed to snowball lanes and dominate the jungle.

    He consistently outpressured the enemy jungle and asserted his presence into every lane.  His mechanical skills, especially his Lee Sin, have allowed him to initiate high-impact team fights and assasination of high-priority targets.  

    Crumbzz is a jungler that likes to pressure every lane, and partnered with the top players of thier respective roles, have propelled Team Dignitas from being known as "good, but not good enough" to the undisputed World Championship contender out of NA. 

  5. TSM WildTurtle

    Jason 'Wildturtle' Tran: Attack Dmg Carry: Team Solo Mid

    Wildturtle is good. And he always has been, ever since he overtook Chaox as the starter for TSM.  Turtle is known for his aggression and is commonly critized for favoring greedy behaviors.  However, with the meta shifting to favor late game hyper carries, Turtle's overt aggression might just be the formula to success.

    Despite playing with a new support, Turtle has managed to remain relevant in the stat rankings.   He is #5 on the Most Kill Participation and GPM, and hovering in 3rd place on AVG Gold.  

  6. DIG Zionspartan

    Darshan 'Zionspartan' Upadhyaha: Top Lane: Team Dignitas

    Zion and Shiptur have been teammates for a long time.  They both got picked up by Dignitas after Coast fell from the LCS, and they both are considered one of the best talent in NA.  Zion is well known for his affinity for aggressive top lane hypercarries, and he couldn't be happier with the way meta-game has shifted.  

    Zion's Jax is so feared, it's banned or stolen almost every game.  He leads overall KDA amongst all NA top laners, and his mastery of split push philosophy drops weaker teams on thier knees.

  7. DIG Imaqtpie

    Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana: Attk Dmg Carry: Team Dignitas

    Qtpie was one of those ADCs who always performed OK, played on an OK team, and did OK things.  However all that changed last split when he practiced visualizing every champion as moving towers.  Qtpie's impressive Jinx mechanics and high-impact ultimates kept Dignitas top four for most of the Spring Split.  

    The prodigal sons have returned to the land of DIG, and without having to make up for lacking top and mid, the duo bot lane of Qtpie and Kiwikid are regarded by most as the best bot lane NA.

  8. CLG Aphromoo

    Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black: Support: Counter Logic Gaming

    Aphromoo has been through [elo] hell and back.  He was benched and eventually removed from Team Curse for lackluster performance.  Now he is regarded as the best support player in NA and a starting member of powerhouse Counter Logic Gaming.

    Aphromoo is known for his devastating "ball-delivery system".  The "ball-delivery system" is when Alistar, protected by Orianna's ball, performs a Charge-Head Smash combo into three or more priority targets; whom subsquently gets deleted by Orianna's ultimate.

    While the majority considers KiwiPie as the best bot lane duo, Aphromoo and his ADC partner Doublelift are just as good, if not better.  

  9. CLG Doublelift

    Yiliang 'Doublelift' Peng: Attk Dmg Carry: Counter Logic Gaming

    On his good days, Doublelift is comfortably one of the best ADCs in the world.  However, his good days are uncommon and some old problems have resurfaced.

    Don't get confused-Doublelift is still a mechanical God.  He consistently outtrades and out CS his opponents, and ranks number 1 in both Season Total Kills and Top Kill Participation.  

    His team fight awareness has improved significantly since last split, though his recent Tristana game might befuddle analysts. 


  10. Curse Xpecial

    Alex 'Xpecial' Chu: Support: Team Curse

    Xpecial and Wildturtle were heralded as the best bot lane duo last split. Personal commitments caused Xpecial to be removed from TSM and now he sits comfortably as the new Support for Team Curse.

    Xpecial is a world-caliber support player, and his talents are desperately needed on a team widely regarded as a bottom three team.  His overwhelming knowledge of bot lane allows him to constantly force the enemy jungler to gank.  His intuition allows him to sniff those ganks, essentailly baiting and wasting enemy resouces.

Top 10 lists are always a source of constant dispute.  But what every fan can agree on, is the dominance of Danny 'Shiptur' Le.  His evolution from being the undergod to the reigning King of mid lane has rallied DIG fans worldwide.  

But remeber, League of Legends is a volatile game.  Kings of today become stragglers of tomorrow.  Stay tuned, for the next League of legends Top 10!