Best Tips to Improve at League of Legends

Published: July 11, 2014

This list provides a comprehensive set of tips to improve at League of Legends. If you follow the advice provided, you will definitely see improvments in your play. The tips given are based on personal experience and tips heard from around the web.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

    The correlation between practicing and improvement could not be more clear. The most important thing about practicing is it must be both disciplined and motivated. A disciplined practice session would include focusing on just League of Legends and working on one or two specific tips at a time (more on that later). Motivation is the determination to play for a reason. As imaqtpie said, "Get good, why play?" If you're going to play this game, you may as well do it well..


  2. Focus on Yourself, not Your Teammates

    Too often players lose focus on their own play to start blaming others. These constant distractions encourage players to lose responsibility for their own mistakes. When denying a mistake, a player will certainly make it again, creating an endless cycle of poor decisions being blamed on some perceived scapegoat. This mindset definitely takes time to develope, especially if a player already has created the habit of playing the blame game. The most helpful tip on focusing on yourself is using the mute all feature (see tip 3).

  3. Mute all

    This feature disables your ability to hear your teammates. If you can't hear them, then you'll have no reason to write out angry messages. Also, you won't waste a single second letting their rage distract you from your play. Many players that have moved up in the ranks swear by this feature, and it is definitely underutilized in many situations. I'd suggest typing '/mute all' the instant your have a bad feeling about controlling your emotions or when you see your teammates rage starting to bubble over.

  4. Specialize

    Many top players are extremely good at one role. Why? They have practiced the myriad of matchups as well as know the terrain of the position. They are familiar with the potential gank paths of the enemy jungler and know when to perform tasks specific to the position, such as roam, make a play for dragon, go ward, etc. Specializing can also be in one champion which can allow a player to gain a ton of skill and truly know a champion.

  5. Watch a Streamer in your Preferred Speciality

    Go to and find a streamer playing either your favorite role or champion, preferably a streamer of greater ability then your own. A good streamer will vocalize their decision making, giving you a higher level insight into playing the role you are interested in. A streamer will also demonstrate the correct ways to trade with the champion and interact with other players. Be careful that you find a stream that is both entertaining and can provide valuable knowledge. 

  6. Pay Attention to Mistakes and Note Them

    If you either verbally point out or type out your mistakes, you will gradually internalize the ability to avoid making the same mistakes again. While League of Legends does not have any players that are perfect robots (except Faker), the closer a player can come to playing mistake free, the better s/he will become. Remember to focus on your own mistakes and not your teammates'!

  7. Check the Mini-map often and Note the Position of the Enemy Jungler

    Map awareness is a frequently talked about concept. This includes knowing when buffs are up, where the enemy jungler might be, and knowing which lanes are being pressured. By frequently looking at the mini-map, a player can constantly refresh their information. Outdated knowledge is dangerous and can lead to bad situations. For example, the classic "I thought he was top." This statemnt can only be attributed to bad map awareness (even if he TP'd).

  8. Aim for 10 CS a Minute

    By 10 mintutes, try to get at least 70 minions. This goal seems daunting at first but with practice, it should become attainable. Remember ~22 minions is the same as a champion kill. Sometimes its better to focus more on minions than aggressively pursuing kills. That being said, you must also maintain enough lane pressure to be able to free without the risk of getting killed. Thus, a skilled laner must apply enough pressure to allow himself to farm freely as well as get the farm when its available. 

  9. Seek Coaching from Higher Rated Players

    One of the best ways to learn quickly is to have someone actively look at your play. Many redditors are willing to provide free coaching. Don't fall prey to paying money for someone else to boost you because you will not gain the necessary skills to remain at your elo, thus making your investment temporary and not worthwhile. 

  10. Learn the Situations when your Team Should Fight and When they Should back off

    Games are won or lost during mid- and late-game teamfights. There are several situations when your team should fight or back off. You team should definitely try to engage when there is a clear gold advantage. In contrast, your team should be backing off when clearly down in gold. Some exceptions are when your team has a champion advantage and the other team's champion cannot make it in a timely fashion. Also, some teams have incredible AOE synergy. If the WOMBO COMBO is available, your team can try to sweep the enemy team away. There are also some team comps that peak at mid-game. Even if your team is down, mid game champions, such as Kat or Caityln can win teamfights.

Select a few tips at a time and write them down somewhere. Try to do a few at a time. I would recommend attempting to do just 1 tip a game for about 5 games in a row. Write down what you observe as well as the specific plan for achieving the goal.